CoWIN portal gets new four-digit security code update

The 4-digit authentication code of CoWIN would minimize vaccination certificates that have been incorrectly produced, as well as prevent fraudsters from misleading users for financial benefits.

To enhance your online experience in scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination, the CoWIN portal at has been meticulously developed by the Government of India. Initially, the site faced challenges due to an unprecedented surge in traffic, leading to temporary outages. However, the gateway has been extensively updated to handle large volumes efficiently..

CoWIN Portal New Update

The latest iteration of the CoWIN platform introduces a four-digit security code feature to minimize errors. It ensure that only those who have booked an appointment receive the vaccine. This update is also a part of a series of enhancements to provide a seamless and secure booking process.

  • Multiple Individual Vaccination Schedule

Moreover, the CoWIN system now supports an increased number of registrations using a single mobile number, allowing more individuals to schedule their vaccinations conveniently. The portal also provides comprehensive information on the vaccination process, including how to book appointments, download vaccination certificates, and locate the nearest vaccination centers.

In addition to these user-friendly updates, the CoWIN portal has expanded its services to offer free precaution doses for eligible age groups at government vaccination centers and has made provisions for reporting any side effects post-vaccination. These improvements reflect India’s commitment to a robust and accessible vaccination program as part of its fight against COVID-19.

Four-Digit Security Code on CoWIN portal

The CoWIN portal’s new four-digit security code is a significant upgrade to enhance the integrity of the vaccination process. This innovative feature aims to drastically lower the risk of erroneous vaccine certificate issuance. Moreover, it serves as a critical safeguard against deceptive practices, effectively blocking scammers and fraudsters from exploiting users for financial gain.  Also Read – CoWIN website hacked, more than 150 million user data leaked? Government denies

In light of recent updates, the generation of a vaccination certificate on the CoWIN platform now hinges on the provision of this security code. Only when the code is presented to the officials at the vaccination site will the certificate be created, ensuring a verified and accurate record of vaccination. This measure is part of India’s ongoing efforts to maintain a trustworthy and foolproof vaccination documentation system.

Vaccination Slots on CoWIN portal in your locality
Vaccination Slots on CoWIN portal in your locality
  • Enhance Accuracy of Vaccination Certificate

The introduction of the new four-digit security code for the CoWIN portal aims to enhance the accuracy of vaccination certificate generation. This feature helps to minimize common errors and streamline the process. Additionally, the security code serves as a safeguard against fraudulent activities, deterring individuals who may attempt to exploit vaccination data for financial gain. It’s a strategic move to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare information in the digital space.

How to book COVID-19 Vaccination Slots?

When individuals visit the CoWIN portal to schedule their COVID-19 vaccination slots, they will now receive an enhanced security feature. After successfully booking a slot, a four-digit security code is sent to their registered mobile number (RMN). Meanwhile, this code is crucial for the vaccination process and must be kept confidential.

The code is generated only after the vaccination slot is confirmed, and it is delivered via SMS. It’s important for users to protect this code as they would a password and not share it with anyone. On the day of vaccination, the user will also need to provide this code at the vaccination center to authenticate their appointment.

This security code is also instrumental in validating the entire vaccination procedure. It ensures that the vaccination record is accurate and that the individual’s health data is secure. The CoWIN platform has implemented this feature to address issues of erroneous certificate generation. Meanwhile, it helps to prevent fraudulent misuse of sensitive vaccination information.

Step by Step complete Vaccination Process:

1. Open CoWIN portal, either by website or UMANG/ Aarogya Setu App
2. Register your mobile number by simply entering the contact details
3. You will receive an OTP on your Registered mobile number
4. If already registered, simply sign in by entering your credentials on CoWIN portal
5. Select the residing state and district or use your PIN Code to select your district
6. This will show all the list of nearby vaccination centers and the slots available in them
7. Click on the green slot of your choice
8. Select the time slot and confirm booking on CoWIN portal
9. You will now receive a four digit security code by SMS in your inbox or messaging app

Now, on the vaccination day, you will be ask to produce the security code to authenticate your booking reference. Meanwhile, this process ensures a secure and streamline experience for all individuals looking to get vaccination against COVID-19.

The security code acts like a One Time Password (OTP). It is similar to those in banking transactions, providing a reliable method of authentication. Also, after getting vaccine you can re login to CoWIN portal and download your vaccination certificate. Also Read – Steps to register for COVID-19 vaccine on UMANG app

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