Google Chrome 90 Update now available for download

The tech giant Google has announce the Google Chrome 90 update via blog post on its Chrome Developers blog. Read post for more details.

Google has officially released Google Chrome 90 stable version update. This Google Chrome update is available for download on both of its mobile and desktop browsers. The company has brought multiple new features and changes with this new update. With Chrome 90, the company provides support for the AV1 codec. This codec allows optimization of video conferencing with WebRTC. Additionally, this update also allows adaptation of HTTPS over HTTP protocol. Beside these features, company also renamed the Feature Policy to Permissions Policy in this new update. The latest update also allows the ability to hide Reading list and also prevents overflow using overflow:clip. The company has officially announce this update via blog post on its Chrome Developers Blog.

Updates on Google Chrome 90

  • AV1 codec Support

According to tech company, AV1 Codec support will allow to improve video compression efficiency. This codec will also reduce the bandwidth consumption. Thus, allowing to improve video quality. The support of this codec will also help to improve connectivity on low bandwidth connections in Google Chrome 90 update.

Google Chrome 90 update is available for download on both PC and mobile devices
Google Chrome 90 update is available for download on both PC and mobile devices
  • Policy API on Google Chrome 90

The all new Feature Policy API has also been rename as the Permission Policy. This new policy rename will allow users to selectively enable, disable, and modify the behavior of particular APIs and some web features in the browser. Each API can be separately modified with this new Chrome 90 update.

  • Redirect to HTTPS protocol

The latest Google Chrome 90 update also brings an inbuilt redirect protocol for all the websites. If a user does not specify protocol, then all the websites will be redirected to use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. Keep in mind, HTTPS protocol protects all the communication and information present in users’ computer while browsing on internet.

  • Hide the Reading List

This Google Chrome 90 update will also allow users to hide the Reading List without using chrome://flags tag. This feature can be access directly from Bookmark Bar. Users can right-click on the Bookmark Bar to access this feature. At the end of drop down menu, an option of Show Reading list can be access.

  • CSS Overflow

The Chrome 90 update also brings major upgrades to the CSS Overflow. This feature will allow developers to use overflow:clip. This clip feature will allow to prevent any scrolling inside the CSS box. Additionally, the feature also brings addition of Decorative Shadow DOM feature. This will help in better rendering of server side rendering of HTML.

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