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Google Photos video editing tool gets update for Android users globally

Google Photos brings update for its video editing tools for Android users. The update brings more than 30 controls via software update.

Google recently updates it’s Android app for Google Photos. The tech giant has added improved video editing tools within Google Photos app. These tool were previously exclusive for iOS users. This news about the update is reportedly shared by Android Police. According to Android Police, the new editing tools have been roll out for all the Google Pixel devices and other Android devices from other OEMs. Remaining Android Phones will receive the update in batches soon.

Google Photos: Video Editing Tools

Meanwhile, These tools have arrived with a service side update. If the user did not see any changes in their app, they can update the Google Photos app manually on their smartphone. To recall, Google had talked about this latest update back in February. Also, There the tech giant shared that the app will bring new video editing tools with over 30 new controls. These tools are likely to include cropping, filters, other color grading options like altering contrast, brightness, saturation and much more. Also Read: Facebook Stories gets Green Screen for special effects

Google Photos video Editing tools (Image: 9to5Google)
Google Photos video Editing tools (Image: 9to5Google)

The new editing tools is the part of some major changes that are being made in the Google Photos ecosystem. Google also confirms about adding machine learning powered editing tools. Previously, these tools were exclusive to Pixel users and Google One Subscribers. Earlier, Google also confirmed that it will be ending its unlimited free storage option. Starting from June, users will have to pay for utilizing extra storage. To recall, the company has set a free storage mark to 15GB. By paying, one can get more storage and some excellent editing tools.

Video Editing Tools on Android Ecosystem

Meanwhile, The tech giant also announce that the Android users will get the new video editing tools on iOS. The company confirms that some of the Android’s editing tools will be include first time to the Android ecosystem. With the addition of these editing tools within the app, the users will not be require to download and install additional video editing software on their phones. To recall, these third party apps ask for access to user data and content on their device. Also, This makes the device vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking. As of now, Google is working on many other updates for its apps. The tech giant has promised to bring these updates and changes in near future in batches. Recently, the company has brought various features like Chat, rooms , meets and much more to it’s Gmail app for G Suite.

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