Netflix to soon launch N-Plus subscription for exclusive content and behind the scenes

Netflix is likely to soon launch a new subscription plan that will allow users to access all the exclusive content available on the platform.

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platform in India and across the globe. The OTT platform is soon likely to provide it’s users with more exclusive content by launching a new extended subscription plan called the Netflix N-Plus. This new subscription plan will allow users to watch “behind the scene” content which can be related to various movies and shows. Currently, to introduce this plan the OTT platform is reportedly conducting a survey. In this survey, the platform will look after if the users are interest in this additional service.

Netflix is planning to launch it's N-Plus service
Netflix is planning to launch it’s N-Plus service

Netflix N-Plus service launching soon:

The details about this upcoming subscription plan has been reveal by The Next Web. According to report from The Next Web, these days a survey has been conducted by Netflix around the users. Abhimanyu Ghoshal from The Next Web is a Netflix subscriber, who received one such survey mail from Netflix. This survey mail contains the information about the existence of Netflix N-Plus plan. Additionally, The survey mail reveals the information about the added service. Also, this service will be an opportunity for users to know more about the Netflix shows. According to reports, there are chances that this plan might include “behind the scenes” from programs including movies, series and even Netflix original shows.

In this Netflix N-Plus plan, The content may include text, image and video feeds. Additionally, users can sign up for news, interviews, analysis, deep dives, games, music, podcasts and much more. According to reports, this will not be a paid service. It is likely to be free of cost service. Also, it will be part of whatever Netflix subscription plan you are using right now. This service can be access by the people who aren’t even Netflix Subscribers. The survey mail also suggest that the Netflix N-Plus can be found simply by searching for any show or its cast on Google Search. All this does is that, it will provide additional information about the Netflix movie or show that is available on the platform. However, it may feature only limited for many shows and movies.

Amazon Prime Video with similar feature:

Just like Netflix N-Plus, Netflix’s rival Amazon Prime Videos also comes with a similar feature called the X-Ray. This feature allows people to access all the information about the actor in the series or movies. It will also provide additional details about how the scene was shot and much more. Netflix’s N-Plus could differentiate itself by providing more exclusive content. Right now, we don’t know exactly when this feature will go live. Stay tuned, we will let you know. Also Read: Netflix brings all new major UI overhaul for kids profile

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