Personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users leaked online

According to reports, personal data of 1.3 million active Clubhouse users is already available on the public domain via the app. However, Clubhouse denies of any such leak.

Personal data of more than 1.3 million active users on popular social media app Clubhouse has been leaked online. This news is reported by CyberNews. According to reports from CyberNews, the SQL database which includes all the users’ ID, names, usernames, Twitter and Instagram handles and their follower counts were posted on an online hacker forum.

Clubhouse user data leak:

However, the only good thing is that no sensitive information like debit/credit card details is available on the leaked information. The leak data that has been available online can be easily access and can be use in phishing activities. The information can be either pass through bad hands who can use the data to extract more such information.

Clubhouse app Data breach issue
Clubhouse app Data breach issue

What Clubhouse claims?

Meanwhile, Clubhouse app is countering all such claims. The audio chat app has denied any such breach or leak of information. The invite-only app claims the report to be misleading and false. To recall, Clubhouse is an invite-only app currently available for iPhone users only. As of now, This invite-only social media app is not available on Android platform. Sharing a statement on Twitter, Clubhouse claims that the app has not been breach or hack. Even, the data available on public domain is not the actual data from our app. The company claims that this data referred as profile information on our app. This data can be access by anyone via the app or by our API.

LinkedIn user data leak:

Similar to Clubhouse, The news came just few days after the leak of personal data of more than 500 LinkedIn users. This data was also purportedly scrap from the platform. Later, this data was up for sale on popular hacker forums. For the proof, additional data of 2 million users was share for free by the hacking team. Also Read: Mobikwik data leak: Personal data of 3.5 million users up for sale on dark web

Facebook user data leak:

Earlier in April, another data leak was reportedly confirm on Facebook. Users were in shock to read as the personal data of more than 533 million Facebook users was leak. This number includes more than 6 million Indian users also. The news came live as the hacker posted the details of the users on a digital forum. Clubhouse, the audio only social media app has a brilliant launch as the app has been download for more than 10 million times on iOS platform only. Some of the major entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have also talked about this popular app. This influence urged many internet users to try this app. Following the path line on Clubhouse, many popular social media platforms are already working on their own audio-only platform. These social media platform includes Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Slack

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