What will happen to WhatsApp account if you don’t accept new privacy policy

Last week, A crucial information about WhatsApp in India was revealed by a report from PTI. According to report from PTI, The Facebook owned messaging app has “scraped” the new privacy policy accepting deadline of May 15,2021. According to messaging company officials, the official statement states that accepting of new privacy policy has not been scrapped completely. As per company’s statement, Users has to accept the new terms of services. Otherwise, they will loose most of the functionalities of the app. The Facebook owned instant messaging company confirms that it will not delete users accounts that do not accept the WhatsApp new privacy policy update. But company will make those accounts as useless if possible.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update:

Nothing special will happen for the users who will accept or already accepted the new privacy policy. But it will surely affect the account of users who don’t accept the new privacy policy. The instant messaging platform states that it will continue to show the notification about new privacy policy acceptance. The notification will be similar to what all users are getting right now, who did not accept the WhatsApp new privacy policy.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update
WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update

However, after a period of several weeks of persistent reminder, the company make such accounts useless as possible. The company adds that once the user beings to see such persistent reminder. The WhatsApp will automatically switch to limited functionality mode. To regain access to their fully functional account, users have to accept the WhatsApp new privacy policy.

Limited Functionality mode on WhatsApp:

Without accepting WhatsApp new Privacy Policy, The limited functionality mode will get activated. Here, the users will not be able to see their chat list. However, WhatsApp confirms that if the users receive any chat. Then they will be able to open it through their notifications and also they can respond to that chat. Also, in this mode, users will be able to respond to incoming audio and video calls. However, it is not sure if WhatsApp will allow their users to make calls or send messages.

The instant messaging app further adds that after this period, the users will stop receiving all type of calls and messages. This clearly means that if the users does not accept the new terms and conditions. Then, their services will eventually be stop. Most of the key functionalities will be disabled by the company for not accepting the new privacy policies. In other yours, Your WhatsApp account will become useless until you accept the privacy policy.

So the only option available is to accept the WhatsApp’s new Privacy policy to access your WhatsApp users account. Otherwise, the users can switch to alternative apps such as Signal or Telegram. Also Read: WhatsApp to stop support for all devices running iOS 9

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