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IMPULKITS is an Indian Tech Blog. Pulkit Sharma started this website in 2021 to promote and share technology with everyone around the world in a straightforward language with meaningful words. With your support, I can grow this website, and I promise to provide you with all the latest and new tech-related stories daily from all around the world. This website is just an essential platform to gain and share all the technical knowledge from all around the world. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.


I, Pulkit Sharma I love to play around with technical stories; I wander across different platforms on the internet to gain all the latest stuff related to technology and share it with you on my website. Furthermore, I love working on WordPress. Recently, I joined WordPress as an editor. 2 years later, I decided to start my blog. About my past, I worked as a freelance Web Designer for the past 7+ years, working mainly on mobile & web apps. Always in search of some exciting projects to work on.

I do my work because I love working on my tech blog, as a tech enthusiast, like this industry. Moreover, I like to meet new people, and I love to talk tech. I embrace the nerd. I believe together; we can make the web a better place. Hopefully, we will meet someday in the real world and exchange our thoughts to make the world a better place together.

This website is not a business or a company, and this is just a practice in Tech Blogging Community. I work on this blog to provide exciting and significant information regarding technology. I also love exploring the intersection of technology and creative ideology.