Google is testing a dark mode for desktop search

Google has been testing the dark mode feature with selected users. The feature will be rolled out soon to all users

Google may soon be rolling out dark search engine desktop mode. Currently, The search giant is working on testing the dark mode Search for desktop users. The dark mode is dark grey rather than true black for Google Search. In an interview with The Verge, a spokesman confirms that they are indeed working on testing a dark mode for desktop search. Also Read: Airtel, Jio ready for Commercial 5G launch in India?

Right now, It is hard to say when the dark mode for Google Search will be released for more users. Although, Several users have received a notification on windows and Mac to try out the new dark theme for Google.

Google’s Dark Mode: How to Access?

According to reports, the user will get the option to select the theme on Light, Dark, and System Default mode. The dark search mode can only be accessed if user’s device is set to dark mode.

  • How to Activate on Windows 10 OS?

To activate Google search dark mode on Windows 10 system,

  • Open Personalization menu in the system’s settings
  • Click on “App Mode”
  • Select “Colors”
  • Click on the “Dark” option

  • How to Activate on MacOS Catalina?

To activate dark mode on macOS Catalina,

  • Open the “General” option in system preferences
  • Under Appearance section
  • choose the “Auto” option

Here, the Google Search app will automatically switch between light and dark mode depending on the day time. Previously, the dark theme was available on the Google app for Android but now Google is working to get the feature on desktop devices. Also Read: Mobikwik data leak: Personal data of 3.5 million users up for sale on dark web

Google Search: Dark Mode
Google Search: Dark Mode

How Dark Mode works in Search Window?

In December 2020, This Dark mode for Search mode was first tipped by 9to5Google in A/B testing. The website noticed that, even though this dark mode was available to search pages, but it was not available for the homepage. The website also confirms that once the feature is turned on, the multi-colored Google’s logo will automatically turn to white. The fonts also appears in white whereas the links will continue to appear in blue. Also, The white background switches to a dark grey color.

It seem like Google is likely to make additional changes to add more feature before rolling it out for everyone. Previously, the Search Giants has rolled out this mode for some of its apps including the G Pay app, Google Translate, Google Docs etc. To access Dark Mode right now, users can download Chrome extension called Dark Reader. This extension will allow users to apply dark theme not only to Google but also to other websites.

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