LG promises upto three Android OS update for premium smartphones

LG promises to provide Android 11 and Android 12 OS update to its select smartphones. Additionally, promises hardware support including coupon system for free repairs.

LG recently announces its exit from smartphones business. The company announced that it will completely stop making smartphones anymore. However, LG has promised that it will continue to provide Android OS software update to its select devices. During it’s smartphone business exit announcement, LG promises that it will provide service support and software updates for a fix time period. Although, this time period may vary from region to region.

LG Smartphones to receive Android 12 OS Update:

According to latest report, Select LG device are on pipeline to receive Android 12 OS update. The detail about this OS updates was spot by XDA Developers on LG’s South Korean website. However, the page did not provide any specific details as to which LG smartphone will receive the update first. Although, the page mention that the availability of software update depends on device performance and is subject to change. Also, the availability of software update may vary by country. A similar set of information was previously spotted on LG’s US website also.

LG Wings to receive next Android OS Update
LG Wings to receive next Android OS Update

Beside Android OS Update, As mentioned in last post, LG has promised to work collaboratively with its suppliers and business partners throughout this closure process. Details regarding the employees working under smartphone business will be determined at the local levels. In future, LG is planning to work on other mobile components and develop the mobile related technologies such as 6G technology. This will help in further strengthening the competitiveness in other business departments. LG has also promised to fully utilize the core technologies developed during the last two decades. These technologies will be applied to existing and future products.

LG’s Android Update Schedule:

Meanwhile, there is no specific details on the list of smartphones that will receive the Android OS update. However, the report does suggest that the rollout of software update will be fully based on Google’s distribution schedule. Keep in mind, LG does not have a good track record when it comes to software and security updates. The main question that arises to many are whether the LG will be able to fulfill its promise or not. Also Read: LG to stop manufacturing mobile phones, exit smartphone business

Another good news from the side of LG is that, consumer will be able to use coupons for free repairs. Additionally, the service centers will continue to repair the smartphones even after LG’s wind-up from the smartphone business. In another update, LG has promised to roll out three Android OS updates for G-series, V-series devices, the Wing, and Velvet series smartphones. This means that LG V60, LG V50, LG G8 series, and LG Velvet trio will get update till Android 13.

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