LG promises upto three Android OS update for premium smartphones

LG promises to provide Android 11 and Android 12 OS update to its select smartphones. Additionally, promises hardware support including coupon system for free repairs.

LG, the globally recognized electronics giant, recently made headlines with its decision to withdraw from the smartphone business. The LG company has confirmed that it will cease the production of smartphones entirely. Despite this, LG has committed to providing Android OS software update for selected devices. Let’s see more details about LG Android OS software updates.

As part of its exit strategy from the smartphone industry, LG has assured customers that it will continue to offer service support and software updates for a specified period. However, it’s important to note that this duration may differ depending on the region.

LG Smartphones to receive Android 12 OS Update

Recent reports suggest that select LG devices are in line to receive the Android 12 OS update. This information was discovered by XDA Developers on LG’s official South Korean website. However, the website did not specify which LG smartphone models would be the first to receive this update.

The page did note that the availability of the software update is contingent on the performance of the device and is subject to change. Furthermore, the rollout of the software update may vary by country. Interestingly, similar information is already available on LG’s US website.

LG Wings to receive next Android OS Update
LG Wings to receive next Android OS Update

In addition to the Android OS update, LG, as stated in a previous announcement, has committed to maintaining a collaborative relationship with its suppliers and business partners during its transition away from the smartphone business. Decisions regarding the employees involved in the smartphone division will be made at local levels.

Looking ahead, LG plans to focus on the development of other mobile components and cutting-edge mobile technologies. This includes the promising 6G technology. This strategic shift aims to enhance the competitiveness of LG’s other business units. Furthermore, LG has pledged to leverage the core technologies it has cultivated over the past two decades. These advanced technologies will be incorporated into both existing and future LG products.

LG’s Android Update Schedule

At this time, there are no specific details available regarding which LG smartphones will be eligible for the Android OS update. The report indicates that the distribution of this software update will align with Google’s rollout schedule. It’s important to note that LG’s history with software and security updates has been less than stellar. This raises a critical question for many users. Will LG be able to deliver on its promise of continued software support? Also Read – LG Gram 16, LG Gram 17 with 12th Gen Intel processors launched

In a positive development for LG customers, the company has announced that consumers will have the opportunity to utilize coupons for complimentary repairs. Furthermore, LG’s service centers will continue to provide repair services for smartphones, even after LG’s departure from the smartphone industry.

In a recent update, LG has committed to releasing three Android OS updates for its popular smartphones. It includes smartphone series like G-series, V-series, Wing, and Velvet series smartphones. This implies that devices such as the LG V60, LG V50, LG G8 series, and the LG Velvet Trio are ready to receive updates up to Android 13.

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