Twitter’s ‘Verification for Organizations’ service now available worldwide

Now Twitter accounts that are affiliated with any organization can receive an affiliate badge on their business profile with business’s logo.

Twitter Verification for Organisation Profile

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging platform, has recently announced the global presence of its ‘Verification for Organizations’ service. Twitter verification for organizations is a process that allows businesses and other organizations to obtain a blue badge on their Twitter accounts. It means now the Twitter Profile associated with any organization can get verified.

Twitter Verification

This verification badge indicates to users that the account is genuine and belongs to the organization it claims to represent. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Twitter verification for organizations. We will also discuss about the criteria for eligibility, and the steps to apply for verification. Also Read – How to enable 2 step authentication on Google account?

Microblogging site, Twitter announced the Verification for Organization Profiles accounts, helps them get verified on Twitter
Microblogging site, Twitter announced the :Verification for Organization” accounts

Twitter’s ‘Twitter Verified’ account announced the worldwide presence of Verified Organizations. Eligible profile can now receive email invitations from the waitlist to become verified. Twitter’s Verified Organizations is a new feature that allows brands and affiliates to detect themselves on the program, as per the Twitter’s statement.

Twitter Press Release

According to the company, Verified Organizations puts the power of vetting and checking affiliated accounts in the hands of the brands themselves, instead of solely relying on Twitter as the sole arbiter of truth. Alo Read – Check out new Airtel 4G data pack with minimum recharge

The Blue Check mark will let the Twitter account get verified, was earlier available for Individual accounts now available for Organizations as well
The Blue Check mark will let the Twitter account get verified, was earlier available for Individual accounts now available for Organizations as well

How Verified Organizations works?

Verified Organizations allows affiliated accounts to display an affiliate badge on their profile with the business logo. These accounts will also showcase on the organisation’s Twitter profile, highlighting their affiliation with the organization. Now, the organizations will receive emails for the verification of their Twitter accounts.

According to Twitter, a business must be vetted before joining the Verified Organisations service. This Verified Organization was previously known as ‘Blue for Business’. Twitter CEO Elon Musk also confirms that all legacy Blue verified check marks for both individual users and organizations will be removed starting from April 1st. Also Read – Airtel recharge plan with Amazon Prime

From April 1st, Twitter will remove all "legacy" verification for both individual and organization accounts
From April 1st, Twitter will remove all “legacy” verification for both individual and organization accounts

Benefits of Twitter Verification for Organizations

Meanwhile, this Twitter verification provides several benefits for organizations, including:

  • Increased credibility: A verified badge on a Twitter profile indicates the legitimacy of the account. It also indicates that this Twitter account associates with a reputable organization.
  • Enhanced brand recognition: The blue badge helps to differentiate your organization from other Twitter accounts. Thus, allowing to increases brand recognition.
  • Improved engagement: A verified account is more likely to attract followers and receive engagement from users. It will improve the authenticity of the account. Also Read – Vodafone Hotstar offer; also check Vodafone to Airtel portability

Criteria for Twitter Verification for Organizations

To be eligible for Twitter verification, organisations must meet the following conditions:

  1. The organization must be active on Twitter. Furthermore, they must have a complete profile with a profile picture, header image, bio, and website link.
  2. The organization must have a confirmed email address and phone number linked with the Twitter account.
  3. For Verification, the organization must have been active on Twitter for at least six months.

Furthermore, the organization must have a record of compliance to Twitter’s community guidelines and terms of service. Also Read – Samsung S21 5G Vodafone offer for Disney+ Hotstar


Twitter verification for organisations is an important process that provides several benefits for brands and other organizations. Moreover, a verified account increases reputation, enhances brand recognition, and improves engagement with users on the site. To apply for verification, ensure that your organization meets the eligiblity rules. Furthermore, it must follow the steps present in the verification request form. Also Read – Google commits Rs 135 Cr to help India fight COVID-19 pandemic

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