Facebook to remove false COVID vaccine claims and statements

Facebook will update its policy to remove false claims related to COVID-19, vaccines and other rumors.

Facebook as a forum is an essential provider of false statements and news. To reduce these misleading reports and rumors, the company is work hard with its resources. The new efforts by Facebook is to remove fake claims that relates to COVID-19. They are trying to stop all the rumors related to global pandemic.

On Monday, Facebook told that they are taking a tough stance against all the false statements and rumors. This misinformation relates to COVID-19 and vaccines, in an attempt to stop misleading fake lies. The social media giant is expanding a list of false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines it will take down. Facebook said it works with public health authorities, such as the WHO, to compile this list. Many such fake claims will be remove from both Facebook and Instagram.

While the company resisted promoting the pandemic myths. Some of its widespread misconceptions about COVID-19 and its vaccinations became the most recently taken down. The updated list of false claims currently contains all claims about vaccine COVID-19 that did not work or caused problems. Check out the updated list here.

Facebook to delete false COVID-19 claims:

In a blogpost Facebook said, “We’re working to remove content that contributes to the risk of real-world harm, including through our policies prohibiting coordination of harm, sale of medical masks and related goods, hate speech, bullying and harassment, and fake news that contributes to the risk of imminent violence or physical harm, the details of which we’ve outlined below

Facebook will delete false COVID claims
Facebook will delete false COVID claims

Furthermore, the company is also working to optimize Facebook and Instagram search functionality. Facebook further said, “Finally, we are continuing to improve Search results on our platforms“. The company added, “When people search for vaccine or COVID-19 related content on Facebook, we promote relevant, genuine results and provide third-party resources to connect people to expert information about vaccines. On Instagram, in addition to surfacing authoritative results in Search, in the coming weeks we’re making it harder to find accounts in search that are stopping people from getting vaccinated.”

Facebook to ban content related to COVID-19:

With respect to vaccine roll-out, the following forms of content will be ban by Facebook:

  • COVID-19 is manufacture or create by humans.
  • Vaccines are not effective in stopping the illness to which they are intended
  • The disease is better than the vaccine.
  • Vaccines are toxic, dangerous, or cause autism  

With immediate effect, Facebook will apply the new guidance. Pages, sites and user accounts will be tracked by the company for such content. Facebook can, if necessary, continue to delete posts that violate the current guidelines. If the breaches are repeat by a single user, page or group, they can be banned from the platform.

Users will get an option to review their Facebook content regarding their claims on COVID-19 and related vaccines. Furthermore, the pandemic contents would be classified and demoted if they are labeled incorrect by third-parties’ inspection authorities. Also Read: Google Android 12 new design UI leaks

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