Android 12 Developer Preview 2 available, brings design improvements

Android 12’s first Developer Preview from Google introduced a couple of new features and well as design changes. Now, Google has released Developer Preview 2.

Android 12 Developer Preview has been available in few Pixel devices since last month. This is the first developer preview. This preview has brought a couple of new features and some design changes as well. These changes has created a bridge between stock Android and popular custom ROMs. Now, Google has launched the second preview called the Android Developer Preview 2. This second preview has brought some notable changes.

Google releases Android 12 Developer Preview
Google releases Android 12 Developer Preview

The latest update in Developer Preview 2 improves the visual effects in Android 12. These effects may include blurred backgrounds for pop-up messages and notifications. This preview also brings more color filters for the users. Additional security and data privacy features has been also added in this preview. Some of these crucial features will also run in background.

Android 12 Developer Preview 2: Features

  • App overlay control

The latest Android 12 will allow developers to hide app notification overlay. This will allow prevention of distraction from the underlying main content on the currently running app. Also Read: Google Android 12 to bring new design, reveal major UI design overhaul in leaks

  • Security for Lockscreen Notifications

With more security options, the apps on the device can now initiate a verification system for lockscreen notifications. This means from now on, while deleting or reading any notifications could require a password input to do so.

Android 12 Update Release Date
Android 12 Update Release Date
  • UI Improvements

In this preview, The apps got rounded corners for the notifications. Additionally, other UI elements also features curved corner layout. PiP Windows will also get smoother transition, additional gestures will not be required anymore. Additionally, apps can now use blur effect and more color filters to improve the visual effects.

  • Keeping companion apps awake

The companion app for smart gadgets like smartwatch and earbuds will no longer be require to keep in memory manually. Android 12 will now allow developers to keep companion apps active in the background. Also Read: Android 11 runs on more devices then it’s previous versions

Upcoming Android 12 Developer Preview Updates

According to Google’s Blogpost, Google is likely to release another Developer Preview for Android 12 in March end. According to reports, the first public beta version of Android 12 is likely to roll out in May. Additionally, two more public beta versions are likely to release before end of July. According to sources, the stable version of Android 12 is likely to release in the month of August. Although, Google is likely to release the official public version by September.

Google is trying to make OS more smarter with this Android 12 version. They tech giant is making OS easier to use and preform better. The OS will also bring additional privacy and security features. The Company also confirmed that they are working on adding new tools to the OS for providing better experience to the users. According to Google’s post, The latest preview version brings rounded corners APIs, improved PiP APIs, better companion device management, easy blur effect and color filters, overlay controls and more. We have to wait and watch what’s next Android 12 Developer Preview will offer to the users.

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