Can Apple Watch discover Covid-19 symptoms?

A research by Mount Sinai Hospital showed that the Apple Watch can help detect early diagnosis symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19, the deadly disease can be easily discover and diagnose using Apple Watch you wear even before standard testing. As per recent studies, even before if someone have a sign of being infected, Apple Watch and other similar devices can identify Covid-19. The researchers has discover that the device can be use to identify Covid-19. The Apple Watch can track certain cases even before traditional diagnostic methods and can help to improve it.

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Apple Watch: Covid-19 Research

A group of researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital have recently discover that signs of COVID-19 can be easily track by using the wearable Apple Watch. The Apple Watch can help in identifying these cases before any traditional diagnostic methods. The smart watch can also helps to track the deadly disease and helps in improvement for its treatment.

As per study, the Apple Watch can signal subtle changes in user’s heart rate for up to 7 days. Even before a person has been diagnose with the disease by means of nasal swab. The Apple Watch can even identify patients with symptoms.

Apple Watch: Covid-19 Update
Apple Watch: Covid-19 Update

Researchers has also identified that the watch is likely to a milestone. It can help to establish a method of recognizing persons who may be sick long though they realize. It indicates that we can use this technology to enhance the treatment of the disease. This will help us to meet the evolving health needs.

Apple Watch: How it works?

The health care staff were divided into groups and then were asked to register in an ongoing digital analysis in Mount Sinai Hospital between April and September 2020. The participants were ask to wear these Apple Watches and answered daily questions through a customized app.

The changes in the heart rate were used to identify whether these participants are infectious or have symptoms. Additionally, other details were also collected which relates to symptoms including fever and chills, weakness, running nose, sore throat etc.

These Researchers have also observe that the heart rate pattern starts to get normal within 7-14 days after the diagnosis of COVID-19. They also identified that their heart rate was not any different from a non-infectious person. Also Read: Facebook to remove false COVID related news

In a study, Zahi Fayad, co-author, Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai says, “This technology allows us not only to track and predict health outcomes, but also creates a barrier in a timely and remote manner, which is essential during a pandemic that requires people to stay apart.”

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