Gmail for G Suite brings chat and video calling feature similar to Microsoft and Slack

Google has refreshed the design for Gmail for G Suite. It now adds other communication tools like Rooms, Meets and more within the app.

Google, the leading search engine company, is constantly developing new products and services for its users. It often creates products based on the leaked information on the Internet. Recently, Google revealed the new design of Gmail for its G Suite Business customers. This new design was announced before the Google Cloud Conference.

According to the company official, the app is not just Gmail anymore. It is a unified platform that integrates all of Google’s communication tools. These tools are Gmail, Chats, Meets and Rooms. Furthermore, Google promises a clean and intuitive interface that makes switching between communication channels effortless.

Gmail for G Suite: Availability

Google has launched the new Gmail design as an early access preview for some select users. It says that the new Gmail design will be available to all G Suite customers later this year. Meanwhile, the consumers can still use the regular version of the email app. As a company, Google promises that the regular version will also get some updates soon. The officials say that they are working hard to improve the user experience for everyone who uses or wants to use G Suite.

Google revamps Gmail for G Suite
Google to add audio and video calling feature to Gmail for G Suite like Microsoft Team and Slack

Gmail for G Suite: New Features

Google Official Javier Soltero explains that the new Gmail design is an “integrated workspace” for G Suite. This new design simplifies the communication process for the users. They can switch between different communication tools easily. They do not need to open multiple apps at once. This is similar to the experience offered by Microsoft Team and Facebook Slack. Microsoft Team also provides a streamlined email service and a convenient way to schedule voice and video calls.

The app offers a seamless integration of various features. Google is developing a new Gmail app for G Suite that will combine all the communication tools in one place. The new Gmail app will let users access email, chat, video calls, and more on their smartphone and desktop. Users can also enable a Do Not Disturb mode for all the communication channels at once with the new Gmail app. Also Read – Google Photos video editing tool gets update for Android users globally

G Suite: Other Applications

The app enables users to search chats with the same ease as the native Gmail app. Google says that this integration will help users to join video calls from the chat window. Users can also forward chat messages to their inbox or create tasks from them. Google’s goal is to launch an integrated app that can compete with Microsoft Teams and Slack. The company also wants to offer its customers a complete solution for their organizational needs. The new Gmail app for G Suite is an ambitious project that may appeal to many users.

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