Google Chrome OS 88 launched

Google’s Chrome OS 88 has been released, making it simpler and quicker to sign in as well as custom lock screens.

Google Chrome OS 88

Earlier this week, Google begin to roll out Chrome OS 88. The latest Chrome OS 88 has started rolling out for the Chromebook series of laptops. It comes with latest new features including quicker web sign-in and personalized lock screens. There are a handful of other usability updates in this version that will be available in the coming days.

According to Google’s press release “The company is always prepares to find ways to make using Chromebooks as seamless as possible. Today, with latest Chrome OS release, the company introduces a faster login experience along with personalized lock screens,

Chrome 88: Smart Display Feature
Chrome 88: Smart Display Feature

The major feature of Chrome OS 88 is converting your idle computer into a very simple smart display. This “Screen Save” will run through your Google Photos library, with the option to pick individual albums. Additionally, “Featured Photos” or “Earth and Space” galleries can be selected by the users..

Chrome 88: Smart Display Feature
Chrome 88: Smart Display Feature


The time is recorded in the bottom-left corner.  The weather (condition and temperature) appears right next to it. However, Google will identify any playing music in the top-right corner. The bottom edge of your screen displays battery percentage, the Wi-Fi status, and how many unread notifications you have. There’s the “Sign out” button, too.

WebAuthn allows the Chromebook PIN or fingerprint to be use instead of passwords on few websites. Users’ details of on-device unlock method is never share with the web service. It also provides 2-Step Authentication feature to replace security keys and phones.

Chrome 88: 2-Step Verification Features
Chrome 88: 2-Step Verification Features

Chrome OS 88: New Features

  • Instead of visiting, Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be made available offline through the Files app.
  • With this update, The Camera app stores photos and videos in a separate “Camera” folder in the My Files app. The previous shots will linger in Downloads folder.
  • The UI for autocorrect has also been improve with more simple visual feedback options. Whenever a new correction performed,  a new undo method is used.
  • You can switch between Virtual Desks by double or triple taping the +[or +] shortcut
  • You can now control the Chrome OS magnifier with Ctrl + Alt and the arrow keys.
  • Google also improves the consistency of touchpad gestures on the basis of whether natural or reverse scrolling is set.

The previous version of Chrome OS 87 was release in December last year. It includes the Tab Search feature. This feature provides the ability to display a Bluetooth headphone battery, and more. There are Fresh wallpapers from four different artists. The new update also includes a couple of bug fixes were also part of Chrome OS 87.

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