Google releases Stack app, a new document scanner, storage and organizer

Google has recently launched yet another experimental app, Stack, will help people scan and categorize documents with ease.

Google Area 120 is the company’s “in-house incubator”. It is the place for ideas to grow and new innovation to takes place. Now, Google with this Area 120 releases yet another experimental app called Stack. This Google Stack app will allow user to easily scan documents, additionally, will help in categorizing them. This will work as a new scanner cum categorizer app.

Google launches an experimental Google Stack app
Google launches an experimental Google Stack app

Google Stack: The New Scanner App

The primary job of this app is to scan the documents for users and convert them into PDFs. The app will also ensures that whatever document is scanned, should be carefully cropped so that the important part is scanned properly. This is the first task of this app, which it will perform for the users. Also Read: Google is testing dark mode for desktop search app

Features on Google Stack

In the second task, the app will automatically names the scanned document and save them in the relevant category. Therefore, This app allows ease of holding documents online. This online storage of document becomes hassle free with ease of access. Additionally, the Google Stack app also works as “Detail Finder” app. This means that this app will allow users to find important details of the saved document. The app will automatically find those details for the users. Suppose you are looking for the due date of a bill, the app will automatically highlights the due date and amount to be paid on the bill itself. This will make task easy for the users.

Scanning Bill with Google Stack app
Scanning Bill with Stack app

Stack secure documents

Additionally, users can search for entire text on the scanned document instead of jut looking for the title. Beside such helpful features, Google Stack app ensures complete security too. This app can protect useful documents with biometric security feature. These biometrics include a fingerprint or face unlock feature. Also, users can back up their scanned documents directly to Google Drive if required.

The best part is that this app does not promote in-app purchase or concept of ads (at least for now). Therefore, users can have a positive experience on this app. Currently, this Google Stack app is available for Android users in US only. Since this is an experimental app, therefore we don’t know if this app will reach out for mass usage or not. Also, there is no information whether this app will reach to users outside of the US. Even, there is no word regarding it’s availability on iOS platform.

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