Honor phones to launch with Google mobile services: Report

According to report from GSMArena, Honor has stated that the Global Honor smartphones and tablets will launch with Google’s Mobile services.

Back in 2019, Honor’s parent company Huawei was banned from doing business with Google. Due to this ban, both the smartphone companies could not ship their products with Google Mobile Services (GMS). Later, Honor got separate from the Huawei. Now, according to reports from GSMArena, Honor in a statement officially states that “Global Honor phones and Tablets” will be able to run on Google’s Mobile Services in future.

Honor Phones with Google Mobile Services:

The company confirms that it is currently undergoing the Google’s Play Protect security review. Additionally, it is going through a compatibility testing. It will ensure that Google Mobile Service (GMS) apps are ready to run on the upcoming Honor phones. The company did not provide any solid timeline as to when it will start launching the phones with Google Mobile Services (GMS) support globally. The GSMArena report claims that all the compatible devices will get Google Mobile Services (GMS) support. However, Meanwhile, it is not officially confirmed whether the old devices, which are already available in market will get the GMS support or not.

Recently launched Honor 50 series phones to get Google Mobile Services (GMS) support
Recently launched Honor 50 series phones to get Google Mobile Services (GMS) support

To recall, back in 2020, Huawei sold off its secondary smartphone brand Honor. Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin Information Technology Co Ltd. Now Honor is a separate and independent brand selling smart phones and tablets. The brand is now free from any kind of US restrictions. Keep in mind, these restrictions are only on Huawei’s telecom consumer and commercial business. Also Read: Honor Band 6 to launch in India, gets listed on Flipkart, to take on Redmi Watch

What is Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

Google Mobile Services (GMS) includes additional services like the Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive. All these services are offer by Google to the OEMs on top of its open-source Android operating system. This could be a positive news for the brand like Honor, which just launched its Honor 50 series in China. According to reports, the Honor 50 series smartphones could ship with Google Mobile Services (GMS), as the smart phones could soon be announced in the global markets.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that Huawei smartphones could also be able to ship with Google Mobile Services (GMS). This is because the company is still present on the US entity list. Hence, it cannot conduct business with US based companies with a few exceptions like the Qualcomm. There is still a lot to be confirm before we can see the Honor device with Google Mobile Services. Therefore, we suggest you stay connected to know more about the upcoming Honor devices.

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