Google announces six new Android features, may roll out later this year

Few days back, Google announced the six new features for Android operating system. All these features will be made available later this year.

Couple of days back, Google announced six new features for Android operating system. These features will be made available to all the Android users soon. The announcement comes out similar to recent Pixel feature drop. In Pixel feature announcement, Google announced bunch of new features for Pixel devices. These features will be made available to Pixel users later this year. Let’s take a look at all the new features announced by the Google.

1. Earthquake Alerts System

Google has officially started rolling out the new Android Earthquake Alerts System globally. With this latest feature, users in the earthquake affected areas will be able to get earthquake alerts before the earthquake hits. This will help them in getting prepared for the upcoming earthquake. Additionally, the latest feature has been tested out in the countries like New Zealand and Greece. The tech giant confirms that the roll out of this feature will take place based on the priority in the countries with higher earthquake rises.

2. Star Mark SMSs:

Google will be introducing another new feature for its Messaging app. This feature will allow users to start messages that they want to read later. Once this feature rolls out, users will be able to tap and hold on the message. From the options, they can pick the star to mark the message. All the start marked messages will be available in the Starred Category.

3. Contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestion:

The next feature that Google has started rolling out is the Contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestion. These emojis are available on the GBoard Beta. This feature will suggest users with perfect emoji combination to the written text. The text should be written in English, Spanish and Portuguese language. The feature will start rolling out of the stable version of the app later this summer for the devices running on Android 6 and above.

Google announces six new features for Android
Google announces six new features for Android

4. Google announces Assistant Improvement:

The all-new updated Google Assistant will now allow users to directly access the apps on the specific page. For Instance, if you say “Hey Google, Pay my Electricity Bill on GPay“. Then the assistant will open the GPay app with the payments page open. For the complete lists of shortcuts, just say “Hey Google, shortcuts”

5. Gaze detection for Voice Access:

The Voice Access allows users to quickly access their phone and navigate into the applications with their voices. The Gaze detection is currently available in beta. It can allow the users to instruct Voice Access to work only when they are looking on the display. WhatsApp gets two new features for iOS including Disappearing Messages

6. Google announces Android Auto Improvements:

Google has also started rolling out the new update for Android Auto. The latest update makes the experience much more customizable. With the latest update, users can now customize their launchers and manually set the dark mode. The setup process is also simple and faster. Additionally, browsing content has been made simpler with the tab system. EV charging, parking, and navigation apps are now available to use with this update. Additionally, users can now read and send new messages directly from WhatsApp and Messages app.

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