WhatsApp gets two new features for iOS including Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp for iOS brings two major features including larger image preview and allowing all the group participants to change Disappearing Messages settings.

WhatsApp is showering you with exciting new features in their latest iOS update, version 2.21.71. These includes Improved Media Experience, WhatsApp Disappearing Messages and much more. Get ready to elevate your messaging experience with these two major improvements:

1. Enhanced Media Viewing: Say goodbye to awkward zooming and blurry previews! This update also brings a smooth and refined media viewing experience. Expect sharper visuals, intuitive controls, and seamless navigation through your photos, videos, and GIFs.

2. Disappearing Messages Tweaks: Take control of your disappearing messages like never before! The update introduces new settings that allow you to choose specific chats where disappearing messages will be enabled by default. No more accidentally blasting everyone with self-destructing messages!

WhatsApp 2.21.71 Update: What’s New?

WhatsApp is rolling out a juicy update (version 2.21.71) in batches to avoid server overload, but fear not, it’ll land on your device soon! Get ready for two major enhancements:

1. Supersized Media Previews: Ditch the pixelated squints! Meanwhile, this update brings larger and clearer image and video previews, letting you quickly see what’s up without opening the file. No more accidental downloads or wasted taps.

2. Group Disappearing Message Power: Group chats just got more flexible! Now, anyone in the group can change the disappearing message settings, similar to editing the group description. This means more control for everyone, whether you’re a privacy pro or just want some temporary chat secrets.

3. Gradual Rollout: To avoid server overload, WhatsApp’s releasing this update in batches. But don’t fret! All iOS users will get their hands on these new features in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for that notification.

WhatsApp 2.21.71 update brings two new features for iOS including Disappearing Messages
WhatsApp 2.21.71 Update brings two new features for iOS including Disappearing Messages

Disappearing Message Feature in WhatsApp

Remember when only admins could control disappearing messages in WhatsApp groups? Well, iOS users, rejoice! WhatsApp Update 2.21.71 hands the reins to everyone, giving all group members the power to set their own self-destructing message timers.

Democratizing Disappearing Messages:

  • No more admin-only control: Group chats also just got a whole lot more flexible. Now, all participants can choose how long messages vanish, promoting a more collaborative and dynamic chat environment.
  • But admins still hold the master key: Don’t worry, admins haven’t been dethroned. They can still set default disappearing message settings for the entire group through the Edit Group settings, ensuring a consistent level of privacy for all.

WhatsApp 2.21.71 Update: Disappearing Messages

Meanwhile, the Disappearing Messages are simple messages which can disappear from the chat box after seven days from being sent in WhatsApp. Beside text, this disappearing message can be anything like any media file including picture, video, audio etc. Any media file sent using this feature will also disappear for both sender and receiver after seven days.

Furthermore, the expiry period for the message is seven days, after this the message automatically disappears. By default this message setting is disabled in WhatsApp. To access, Disappearing Messages feature users need to first enable this feature. This feature is enable on a per group or per contact basis. Meanwhile, to enable disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp follow the steps:

  • Head into contact details of a specific person
  • For Group, head into group info section
  • Tap on disappearing message option
  • New window will open
  • Enable the feature

Currently, WhatsApp is testing multiple new features for both Android and iOS platform with 2.21.71 Update. The company promises to roll out many new features in coming months. Also Read: Instagram keeps an eye on its younger userbase safety, rolls out message features

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