Instagram keeps an eye on its younger userbase safety, rolls out message features

Instagram has launched a new features to keep its younger userbase safe from people with malicious activities

Instagram is a social media platform that cares about the security of its users and their accounts. The company constantly launches new features to enhance its safety measures. Instagram has announced another new set of features that will protect young users from strangers and predators. The Facebook-owned platform always strives to provide safer services to its youthful audience. These new Instagram safety features for youngsters will be officially released this month.

Instagram’s new feature automatically restricts interactions between teens and adults they don’t follow, creating a safer space for genuine connections and meaningful conversations. Instagram’s refined Sensitive Content Control gives teens more control over what they see. Think less exposure to potentially harmful or disturbing content, and more feel-good vibes in their feed. These new features are a powerful step towards making the platform a more welcoming and protected space for young users.

Instagram Teenagers safety features
Instagram Teenagers safety features

Instagram’s Youngsters safety features

Instagram has announced a new feature that will prevent strangers from messaging teens on its platform. The feature will block adults who do not follow the young users from contacting them. If an adult still attempts to send a message. Furthermore, Instagram will warn them that they are not allowed to do so. The social media app will protect the privacy of its youthful audience.

The Verge reported that Instagram will display a warning message to the adult users who try to message teens who do not follow them. The message will say “You can’t message this account unless they follow you”. The report also said that this feature will use machine learning algorithms in Instagram to estimate the age of the users when they sign up.

  • Teen Safety Upgrade: Instagram’s New Features

Instagram is not only protecting teens from strangers, but also educating them about the people they are interacting with. Young users will receive a safety notice on their accounts, if they get a suspicious direct message from an adult who acts inappropriately. The social media app will empower the teens to end, block, report or restrict the conversation with such people if they want to.

Now, Parents can breathe easier knowing their teens are better informed and empowered, and teenagers can explore the platform confidently, with the tools to navigate potentially risky interactions.

Instagram Teenagers safety notice
Instagram Teenagers safety notice
  • Suggested Users features in Instagram

Instagram will also introduce another new feature in the next few weeks. This feature will limit the visibility of teens on the platform. It will block adults who have questionable behavior from accessing teens’ accounts. It will also hide teens from the Suggested Users section. This will reduce the exposure of youthful content to predators.

This new feature will make it significantly harder for adults to search for and discover teen profiles. Furthermore, Adults with suspicious behavior will be banished from the “Suggested Users” section, so teens won’t be randomly recommended to them. These Instagram features are building a safer, more empowering online space for young users to explore, connect, and express themselves freely.

Instagram: Other Features

Instagram plans to use new AI technology to verify the age of its users. The social media platform will only allow people who are 13 years or older to join. This is the minimum age requirement for accessing Instagram. This will enhance the safety and security of teens on the app. With this feature, Instagram will offer youthful users content and features that are suitable for their age.

Instagram Privacy settings features
Instagram Privacy settings features

This new AI-powered age verification system will use smart technology to analyze uploaded photos and determine a user’s true age with impressive accuracy. This AI-powered age verification system is a major leap forward for Instagram’s teen safety measures. These new Instagram Safety features promises a safer, more age-appropriate experience for everyone. Thus, empowering teenagers to connect, express themselves, and explore the platform with confidence.

  • Other Safety Features on Instagram

Instagram will also promote private profiles for teens on its platform. The social media app will send a notification to the users who are under 13 with a public account. The notification will explain the benefits of having a private account. The notification will also include tips such as “Don’t feel pressured to respond, “Only share with people you trust,” and “Your safety comes first.”

Instagram has not announced the release date of this feature yet. We only know that it will be coming out in March. However, we do not know which countries will have access to this new feature. Also Read – Instagram launches “Recently Deleted” feature for general users

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