TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps face permanent ban


The Indian Government is set to enact a definitive ban on a suite of 59 apps of Chinese origin, with TikTok being the most notable among them. This decisive move comes after the initial interim suspension that took place in June 2020, under the Section 69A of the IT Act. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has recently communicated with the affected platforms, which includes TikTok and 58 other Chinese applications, indicating a permanent ban within the nation’s digital realm.

Indian Government Bans Chinese Apps

This stringent action is part of a broader strategy to address concerns over data privacy and national security. The MeitY has expressed dissatisfaction with the responses provided by these app companies regarding their data handling and compliance with Indian privacy and security regulations. The initial ban was described as a “digital strike” against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions at the India-China border.

The banned applications, which range from video-sharing platforms to utility and content apps, were deemed “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of state, and public order” by the Indian authorities. The permanent ban underscores India’s commitment to ensuring the digital safety of its citizens and maintaining sovereign digital space. Also Read – Indian Government asks WhatsApp to review its proposed privacy policy changes: Report

Ban on Chinese Apps including TikTok

In the wake of the initial ban, the Indian Government provided a window for the 59 Chinese apps to clarify their compliance with India’s stringent privacy and security standards. Among these, prominent companies like ByteDance, which operates the widely-used video-sharing app TikTok, Tencent Holdings, known for PubG and WeChat, and Alibaba Group’s UC Browser, were specifically solicited for comprehensive explanations regarding their data practices.

  • Strict Actions over Data Mining

The government’s scrutiny was rooted in concerns over data mining and the potential threat it posed to the nation’s sovereignty and public order. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), unsatisfied with the responses received, decided to convert the temporary suspension into a permanent ban. This decision was part of a broader initiative to maintain digital security and sovereignty, especially following the India-China border skirmishes.

The MeitY’s stance reflects a global trend of increasing vigilance and regulation of technology companies to protect national interests and citizen data. The move also underscores the escalating geopolitical tensions between India and China, manifesting in the digital domain as a “digital strike”. The ban is indicative of India’s commitment to ensuring a secure and sovereign digital space for its citizens.

As per sources, “ These 59 app companies cannot satisfy the Indian government with there response/explanation”. Hence, these 59 apps are permanently banned in India”. Also Read – 5 Best social apps under “Make in India” initiative for the month of August: Moj, Sandes, Koo and more

  • India-China Border Clash and TikTok and other App Ban

In the shadow of the June 15, 2020 Ladakh clash between India and China, the Indian Government took decisive action by banning 59 Chinese applications. This clash resulted in the tragic loss of 20 Indian soldiers, with over 70 wounded. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), in a move during the same month, prohibited apps including Alibaba’s UC Browser, ByteDance’s TikTok, and Tencent’s WeChat.

  • Protecting National Sovereignty

The ban was instituted amid concerns that these applications were involved in activities undermining the sovereignty and integrity of Indian democracy, the nation’s safety, state security, and public order. The MeitY’s decision reflects a commitment to safeguard India’s digital ecosystem against external threats. The Ladakh confrontation heightened these concerns, prompting a swift and stringent response to ensure the digital safety of Indian citizens. Also Read – Instagram will no longer promote recycled TikTok videos

PubG and Other Chinese apps will face permanent
PubG and Other Chinese apps will face permanent

Apps Banned in India

However, Here’s a list of the 59 apps that the Indian government has banned:

  1. TikTok
  2. Shareit
  3. Kwai
  4. UC Browser
  5. Baidu map
  6. Shein
  7. Clash of Kings
  8. DU battery saver
  9. Helo
  10. Likee
  11. YouCam makeup
  12. Mi Community
  13. CM Browser
  14. Virus Cleaner
  15. APUS Browser
  16. ROMWE
  17. Club Factory
  18. Newsdog
  19. Beauty Plus
  20. WeChat
  21. UC News
  22. QQ Mail
  23. Weibo
  24. Xender
  25. QQ Music
  26. QQ Newsfeed
  27. Bigo Live
  28. SelfieCity
  29. Mail Master
  30. Parallel Space
  31. Mi Video Call — Xiaomi
  32. WeSync
  33. ES File Explorer
  34. Viva Video — QU Video Inc
  35. Meitu
  36. Vigo Video
  37. New Video Status
  38. DU Recorder
  39. Vault- Hide
  40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
  41. DU Cleaner
  42. DU Browser
  43. Hago Play With New Friends
  44. Cam Scanner
  45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
  46. Wonder Camera
  47. Photo Wonder
  48. QQ Player
  49. We Meet
  50. Sweet Selfie
  51. Baidu Translate
  52. Vmate
  53. QQ International
  54. Security Center
  55. QQ Launcher
  56. U Video
  57. V fly Status Video
  58. Mobile Legends
  59. DU Privacy

Additionally, Indian Government has placed a ban on a total of 208 China based apps in last 6 months. Thus, This ban results in increasing border tensions between India and China. However, still all these apps have been prohibited by Indian Government under Section 69A of Information Technology Act.

TikTok Banned

As per sources, A TikTok spokesperson shares “We are evaluating the notice given to us by Government of India and thus,  we will respond to this notice with an appropriate answer. However, TikTok was one of the first companies to follow the directives issued by the government of India on June 29, 2020″.

He added, “We continually strive to follow with all possible local laws and regulations and do our best to address any concerns raised by the government may have. Thus, To Ensure the privacy and security of all our users will remains to be our topmost priority

Finally, It is likely that PUBG will not make a comeback any time soon to India. As per sources, there were news floating around the internet, teasing about the Indian version of the game to be back in November. However, According to some recent reports, the Ministry had not given any ‘go-ahead’ instructions to the Gaming app for the launch of its Indian variants. Also Read – OnePlus, Oppo to work together to build new consumer items

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