How US based Google Pay users can send money to India?

Google will now allow US based Google Pay users to send money to their relatives and friends based India and Singapore. Let’s check out how this can be done.

Google Pay is now GPay

Google has recently announce via a blog post that from now on it will allow it’s US based users to send money to their friends and relatives located in India and Singapore. The US based users can transfer money via Google Pay app. To bring this facility, the tech giant has partnered with Western Union and Wise. Beside this, the company has also promise to soon roll out this feature in over 200 countries and territories. In 200 countries, this facility can be achieved via Western Union. Whereas, in other 80 countries it can be achieved via Wise.

Google Pay users can send money Internationally:

According to tech giant, when US based users tries to send money internationally say to India and Singapore. Then, they will be first informed about the exact amount that the receiver will receive. Additionally, they will also be allowed to choose the payment provider, based on the time taken to deliver the selected amount to the receiver.

Google Pay users can send money using Western Union and Wise
Google Pay users can send money using Western Union and Wise

According to a report from TechCrunch, Western Union will not charge any extra charge from the Google Pay users. The money transfer firm will get the exact value in their local currency as selected by the sending user located in US. On the other hand, Wise will charge the actual foreign exchange rate. It will also charge an additional transfer fees varying from country to country. Beside all this, Google has also confirm that it will not charge any additional fees from the sending or receiving customer.

Western Union and Wise: Money Transfer

Apart from all this, the report further adds that “Until June 16, Western Union will provide free transfer to its users when the money is send using Google Pay. Whereas, Wise has also promise to make first transfer free using for the new users. Keep in mind, the transferable amount should not be more than USD 500. With this new feature, Google can take on long time rivals such as PayPal. To recall, PayPal already allows it’s users to send money globally across any country. In PayPal, the international payment feature is only available on individual accounts. Keep in mind, any kind of business located in US will not be able to send money internationally using the app.

How to send money internationally using Google Pay?

1. Users can Download and install Google Pay app from Google Pay Store
2. Create an users account on Google Pay using directives
3. Search for Google Pay user/ users located in India or Singapore
4. Make use of US based account
5. Open the account and tap to make payment. Click on “Pay”
6. Choose the payments transfer mode including Western Union, Wise.
7. Input the amount you want to send across country
8. Check the converted amount in particular currency.
9. Tap ” Send” to transfer money to user located in India or Singapore.

This is how we can transfer or send money to the users located in India or Singapore using Google Pay app. Also Read: How to withdraw money from ATMs without using a card?

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