Twitter app could bring “Undo Send” button to save from typos in tweets

The Edit Button is a highly sought-after feature on Twitter app. This button would allow users to modify their tweets after posting, which is currently not possible. The demand for this feature has been growing consistently over time, with active users expressing the need to correct typos or errors in their tweets.

Despite the increasing demand, Twitter has not shown any signs of introducing this feature. This has led to some frustration among the user community, as the lack of an Edit Button can lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations due to typos or errors.

New Updates on Twitter

However, Twitter seems to be focusing on other areas of improvement. The company is reportedly planning to introduce new features to enhance the user experience. While the specifics of these features are not yet known, they are likely to provide additional functionality and convenience for active users. Also Read – How US based Google Pay users can send money to India?

It’s worth noting that while the Edit Button is a popular request, its implementation could also pose challenges. For instance, editing tweets could potentially alter the context or meaning of conversations.

Therefore, while users await the Edit Button, Twitter continues to evolve and innovate in other ways to improve the platform. Also Read – Twitter introduce full size image preview feature for Android and iOS

Undo Send on Twitter App

Leaked information suggests that Twitter is developing an ‘Undo Send’ button for its app. This feature, currently under testing, will potentially allow users to retract their tweets if necessary. It is anticipated that this new functionality will soon be available to all active Twitter users. Also Read – Vivo confirms entry into the tablet market, first product launching soon

Twitter app to feature "Undo Send" Button
Twitter app to feature “Undo Send” Button

Renowned leakster, Jane Manchun Wong, recently tweeted about the upcoming ‘Undo Send’ feature on Twitter app. The tweet, a GIF image, demonstrates how this feature operates within the Twitter app.

Essentially, the feature employs a timer that holds the tweet for a brief five to six seconds before posting. The GIF showcases the ‘Undo Send’ button, accompanied by an animation and a notification stating, ‘Your Tweet was Sent!’. Also Read – WhatsApp Introduces New Search Button on Android App

Undo Send on Twitter App: Coming Soon

The Undo Send button on Twitter app is designed to let users preview their tweets before posting. This feature is particularly beneficial for users prone to typing errors, who often hit the ‘Tweet’ button without proofreading.

While it may not be as comprehensive as an Edit Button, the Undo Send feature is a step in the right direction. It will certainly help active Twitter users avoid embarrassment from typos on the platform. Also Read – Twitter to charge money for new premium features

Based on the GIF image, a noticeable flaw exists in the ‘Undo Send’ feature on Twitter. The ‘Undo’ button in the GIF obscures the tweet preview and notification. The primary intent of this feature is to preview tweets, so this issue undermines its purpose.

Remember, this feature is in its preliminary testing phase. We can anticipate that Twitter will rectify this error in the app before the public release. Also Read – Twitter Spaces will launch next month for all the users, to get ability to create rooms

Undo Send Button: How it works?

The five to six-second window provided by Twitter’s ‘Undo Send’ button is ample time for users to react. The Twitter app also offers a traditional option to delete tweets. However, this method could allow others to capture a screenshot before removing the tweet. Also Read – Twitter testing Spaces, set to launch in March

We are currently awaiting the public release of Twitter’s ‘Undo Send’ button feature. Meanwhile, Twitter is actively testing a new feature known as ‘Twitter Spaces’. This feature, similar to ‘Clubhouse’, enables users to join private rooms for small group podcasts.

While ‘Clubhouse’ is exclusive to the iOS platform, ‘Twitter Spaces’ is available within the Twitter app and is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Also Read – Google’s AI Tools will help in detecting common skin issues

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