Google’s AI Tools will help in detecting common skin issues

Google has introduced a new AI Tool at I/O Event 2021, which will help people to detect skin related problems that they might have.

Google has tries to make better use of enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The new Google service will acts as a doctor to people. With the introduction of new AI Tools, Google will allow people to figure out any possibility of dermatologic problem that they might have. The latest technology has been showcased at the ongoing Google I/O Event. The Google’s 2021 I/O Event also showcase the launch of new Android 12 operating system, new Wear OS and much more.

Google AI Tools to detect skin disease
Google AI Tools to detect skin disease

Google AI Tool will detect skin issues

Google’s all new AI powered dermatology assist will help users in finding all the answers related to skin problems that they might have or not. These Google AI Tools are simple web based application, which is easy to use. On launching the application, users will have to click three images of their skin, hair or nails. This can be done using smartphone’s camera. After this, the Google AI based tools will draw all the information related to 288 skin conditions. This information is already store within the AI Tool itself. After analyzing, the tool will enlist the possible skin related issues the user might have.

Google AI Tools: Click three images of skin, hair or nails to detect skin problems
Google AI Tools: Click three images of skin, hair or nails to detect skin problems

Additionally, Google will also provide information and FAQs on each enlisted condition. The information appears along side images that matches the one provided to the users. Keep in mind, the result may vary with the full diagnosis that is provided by the doctor. This AI Tool is just way to tell users about possible skin condition that they might have and are unable to detect. If the users wants, they can consult with their doctor based on the information recieved from the AI based application. Also, they can consult with the doctor for further treatment. This Google AI Tools provides result based on factors such as age, sex, race and kin types. These data will allow the tool to do accurate assessment.

AI Tool for TB screening

Additionally, Google has also introduced another AI Tools. This tool will help in detecting tuberculosis (TB). Keep in mind, more than 10 million people gets infected with tuberculosis. The all new tool uses chest X-Ray for accurate detection of TB. Also, it may help user to save 80 per cent of their cost before starting the proper treatment. According to reports, the AI Tool suggest about TB by producing a number between 0 and 1. This number indicates the risk of TB. Also, Google uses de-identified data from nine countries to train the model. This will help it to work better with people’s from different races. Also Read: Samsung Galaxy F52 gets Wi-Fi certification, to launch soon

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