LG reveals the list of smartphones to receive Android 13 update

Even after the closure of smartphone manufacturing business, LG shares the list of smartphone to receive Android 13 update. However, the company did not share any specific timeline for the update.

LG Shuts Down Its Smartphone Business After Years of Losses. LG has confirmed that it is exiting the smartphone market for good. The company has faced stiff competition and declining sales in the past few years, and it has decided to focus on its other businesses, such as home appliances, TVs, and AI. LG announced its decision to close its smartphone division in April 2021. However, the company has promised to offer final Android Update to its LG smartphones.

Meanwhile, LG has plans to sell off its remaining inventory. LG also assured its customers that it will continue to provide software updates and customer service for its existing smartphone models.

LG Mobile Phones and Android Update Roadmap

Meanwhile, LG Reveals the Android Update Roadmap for Its Smartphones. LG has announced the names of the smartphones that will get the Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 software updates. The company posted this information on its official websites in South Korea and Germany. Gadget360 was the first to report this news.

LG Wings, the Android smartphones eligible for next version of Android 13 OS
LG Wings, the Android smartphones eligible for next version of Android 13 OS

The tech giant, LG Keeps Its Customers in the Dark About the Android Update Schedule. LG has revealed the smartphones that will get the Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 software updates. However, the company has not given any official date for the release of these updates. The updates will depend on when LG decides to roll them out.

According to some sources, the updates will start in a few weeks. The newer devices will get the updates first, while the older ones will have to wait longer. The devices that are eligible for the Android 13 update will have to wait even more, as Google has not launched the Android 13 operating system yet.

What are some other businesses of LG?

LG is a multinational conglomerate that operates in various industries, such as electronics, chemicals, household appliances, and telecommunications. Besides Android smartphones, there are some of the other businesses of LG are:

  1. LG Display: A leading manufacturer of LCD, OLED, and flexible displays for TVs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  2. LG Chem: A major producer of petrochemicals, batteries, biotechnology, and nanomaterials.
  3. LG Household & Health Care: A provider of cosmetics, personal care, household goods, and beverages.
  4. LG Uplus: A telecommunications and digital media company that offers mobile, broadband, IPTV, and home IoT services.
  5. LG Innotek: A supplier of electronic components and modules for automotive, LED, wireless, and IoT applications. Also Read: LG promises upto three Android OS update for premium smartphones

List of Mobile Phones eligible for Android 11 OS

  1. LG Wing (South Korea, Germany)
  2. LG Velvet (South Korea, Germany)
  3. LG Velvet LTE (South Korea, Germany)
  4. LG V50S (South Korea)
  5. LG V50 (South Korea)
  6. LG G8 (South Korea)
  7. LG Q31 (South Korea)
  8. LG Q51 (South Korea)
  9. LG Q52 (South Korea)
  10. LG Q61 (South Korea)
  11. LG Q70 (South Korea)
  12. LG Q92 (South Korea)
  13. LG Q9 One (South Korea)
  14. LG G8X (Germany)
  15. LG G8S (Germany)
  16. LG K52 (Germany)
  17. LG K42 (Germany)

LG smartphones eligible for the Android 12 OS

  1. LG Wing
  2. LG Velvet
  3. LG Velvet LTE
  4. LG V50S
  5. LG V50
  6. LG G8
  7. LG Q31
  8. LG Q52
  9. LG Q92

List of LG smartphones eligible for the Android 13 update

  1. LG Velvet
  2. LG Velvet LTE
  3. LG Wing

Keep in mind LG did not reveal if the Indian or Global smartphones are also eligible for these Android update support or not. However, this post may give some hope to the LG customers both Global and Indian users.

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