Top 5 Apps to help through the COVID-19 second wave: CoWIN, Aarogya Setu, PayTM

Lets take a look at the top 5 apps that you must download on your smartphones to fight against COVID-19 second wave in India.

India is currently passing through the much stronger second wave of COVID-19. Currently, in this wave many peoples are looking for hospitals, vaccinations, oxygen concentrators and other COVID-19 related information. To get all these resources at one single place, needy peoples are making use of social media platforms and other resource finder apps. The social media platform and resource finder apps are helping them out during these tough times. Lets take a look at the top 5 popular resource finder apps.

Top 5 Resource Finder Apps to fight COVID-19

We bring you the top 5 apps that you must download on your smartphones to locate any required resources including hospitals, vaccinations and much more.

1. Twitter: Top Resource Finder App

Twitter is the number one app on our list of top 5 resource finder apps for COVID-19 in India. It has become a popular platform for people to search and share resources, such as beds, oxygen, medicines, and plasma. Many Twitter users are volunteering to help others in need and provide them with timely assistance. Twitter also offers state-wise updates on the COVID-19 situation. The platform is committed to preventing the spread of misinformation and ensuring that people get reliable and accurate information.

Top 5 Apps
Twitter, the best resource finder app

2. CoWIN: Best Resource Finder App

CoWIN is the second app on our list of top 5 resource finder apps for COVID-19 Second Wave in India. It is the official platform launched by the Indian Government for vaccine registration and booking. This CoWIN App helps people to find and book vaccine slots near their location and get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. It also enables users to track their vaccination status and download their vaccination certificates from the app.

Top 5 Apps
CoWIN, the best portal for booking Vaccination slot

3. Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu app is the third app on our list of top 5 resource finder apps for COVID-19 in India. This is a contact tracing app developed by the Government of India. The Aarogya Setu app enables people to self-assess their symptoms and risk of infection. It also allows people to track their contacts and check their safety status. The app alerts people about the nearby hotspots or containment zones.

The app also updates people with the latest information on the pandemic. People can use the app to register and book vaccine slots through CoWIN app. The app also offers other safety guidelines and features, such as a button to share feedback with the government, a quick dial button for COVID-19 helpline, vaccination details and booking slot feature, and more.

4. Public App

Public App is the fourth app on our list of top 5 resource finder apps for COVID-19 in India. It is a platform where politicians, government officials, healthcare workers, and others share verified information about the COVID-Care centers. This information covers various topics, such as hospital beds, vaccine slots, medical equipment, lockdown guidelines, essential commodities, and more.

Top 5 Resource Finder Apps against COVID-19 Second Wave
PayTM, the best app for finding available vaccination slots

5. PayTM

Booking a vaccine slot for yourself or your family member can be very challenging in India. Most of the slots are full as soon as they are released. You need to constantly check the availability of slots online. To simplify this process, PayTM offers a solution. The popular app, PayTM has created a tool that syncs with the CoWIN portal frequently. The tool alerts you when there are slots open in your location.

These top 5 resource finder apps can play an important helpful role in the life of a needy person in tough times. We will suggest you to keep these apps updated on your smartphones, as these can come handy in tough times. Also Read: CoWIN portal gets new four-digit security code update

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