WhatsApp Chat History Migration, Multi-device support feature to launch soon

WhatsApp is reportedly working on launching the new chat migration feature. This feature will allow users to transfer chat from Android to iOS and vice-versa.

WhatsApp Chat History Migration: WhatsApp is currently introducing numerous new features on both the Android and iOS platforms. There is a range of exciting features in the pipeline, anticipated to be launched by WhatsApp in the near future. According to reports, the instant messaging app is planning to introduce a new feature that will enable users to effortlessly transfer their chats between Android and iOS devices, and vice versa.

This upcoming feature will serve as an extension of the multi-device support. This feature is going to launch soon for all Android and iOS devices. Recently, a leak has surfaced, providing further details about the highly anticipated Chat history migration feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat History Migration feature

The leaks about this WhatsApp chat history migration feature has been reveal by WABetaInfo. WABetaInfo has provided insights into the workings of this feature through the new beta version of the instant messaging app.

The leaked report suggests that in addition to facilitating seamless chat transfer between two devices, WhatsApp will also synchronize these chats. This implies that the same chat on two devices, using the same WhatsApp account, will be kept in sync for enhanced usability. Also Read: WhatsApp will soon make chat transfer possible between Android and iOS device

WhatsApp Chat History Migration feature leaked by WABetaInfo
WhatsApp Chat History Migration feature leaked by WABetaInfo

The synchronized chat will also include all pinned and starred messages. However, deleting a chat on one device will not have any effect on the other. Changes must be deleted for all parties involved, including the sender and receivers, in order for them to be synced across both devices. The exact workings of the upcoming chat migration feature on WhatsApp still remain unknown. Previous leaks have hinted at the possibility of WhatsApp utilizing Google Drive for this purpose.

WhatsApp multi-device support feature in pipeline:

Alongside, new chat migration feature, WhatsApp is planning to add the multi device support feature also. This feature will allow users to use the app on multiple devices simultaneously. Keep in mind, a single account can be access on up to four device at a single time. Additionally, this feature can even work without the need of internet.

Moreover, users could get the ability to log out of the linked devices to link the new device. The users may also get the ability to delink the existing linked device. According to reports, this feature will be available for WhatsApp’s Android, iOS and Web versions.

Right now, we don’t know when exactly will WhatsApp launch these features for all. But, for sure we will let you know once the Facebook owned messaging company takes some action.

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