Windows 11 update officially teased via Microsoft YouTube video

Microsoft has released a new video on official YouTube channel. This video teases about the upcoming version of Windows operating system.

According to reports, a new version of Windows operating system is launching on June 24. Before the official launch, Microsoft has dropped a teaser video about this new Windows 11 update. You can watch this video on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel. This teaser video gives some hints about the upcoming version of Windows operating system. As per news, Microsoft has released a Slo-Fi relaxation video on its official YouTube channel. This video plays all the startup sounds from previous versions of Windows. The YouTube video lasts for 11 minutes. In this video there is one interesting fact. If you speed up the video by 4000 times you can hear the startup sound of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Update: Expected Installation Screen
Windows 11: Expected Installation Screen

Currently, Microsoft is not ready to reveal any details about the upcoming update. However, all the information available points towards the Windows 11 update. It is obvious that the upcoming update is likely to be the Windows 11 Sun Valley update. The launch event will begin on June 24 at 1100 EST. Additionally, the invite for the launch event also hints at Windows 11. One can see the shadow in form of 11 on the launch invite. The “next generation of Windows” is likely to succeed the ageing Windows 10. To recall, Windows 10 is over six years old service. It was showcase way back in 2015.

Windows 11 Teaser and Cryptic YouTube Video:

According to all the rumors, the next Sun Valley update refers to the Windows 11 operating system. Previously it was claim that it will another major mid-life update for Windows 10. This upcoming version is now likely to succeed the Windows 10. To recall, The Windows 10 was originally launch in 2015. Sun Valley has been known to bring some major visual changes to Windows. Additionally, this Windows 11 update will make some drastic changes to the Action Center. It will also improve device connectivity. Some previous teasers also show a macOS like interface layout. Additionally, it will get a new design theme to modernize Windows.

The main question is that Why is Microsoft backing out of its own promises for Windows 10. To recall, during the launch event of Windows 10. Microsoft presented the Windows software as a service rather than a new operating system update. Also, it comes out as the last version of Windows. Additionally, it was reported that Microsoft will continue to improve the Windows 10 service. These will be followed by the drastic upgrades in the near future. For now, we have to wait for Microsoft to release the Windows 11 Update.

Windows 10 OS: End of Support

According to our other post, Microsoft has now officially announced the end-of-support date for Windows 10. The support for Windows 10 Operating system will end on October 14, 2025. Another question that arises in everybody’s mind is that will Windows 11 be free update for licensed Windows 10 users. Will the newer update support the older Windows 10 PCs? How will the Windows 11 Sun Valley update improve the performance? Will there be any Mobile version also? There are many other questions, which are still yet to be answer. To get the answers to all these questions, we suggest you to wait until the June 24 launch event. Stay tuned for more updates. Also Read: Windows 10 expiry date confirms, Microsoft will end support on this date

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