Google brings back compass on Maps for Android users

The Search giant Google officially announces that they are all set to bring back the compass widget in Google Maps for Android devices. To recall, this feature has been removed couple of years back in 2019. Google removed this compass widget because of some reliability issues. However, due to continues feedback from users, now the search giant is planning to bring this feature back on Google MapsAlso Read: New features on Google Maps will save users from taking long route

Compass available to Android Users:

Google is a press release informs that they are highly excited to announce the return of compass widget on Maps for Android. They informed that they removed this compass widget from Maps for Android in early 2019. Google remove it as an effort to clean up the navigation screen. However, due to overwhelming support the company has decided to reintroduce it back in Maps for Android. With the return of Compass Widget on Google Maps, now when a user navigate to a particular destination, the compass will be again seen on the right side of the screen as a widget.

Compass Widget on Google Maps for Android
Compass Widget on Google Maps for Android

Now all the Global Android users can access this feature. To access this feature users have to update their Google Maps app on Android to latest version of 10.62. To recall, the compass widget was not removed for iOS users. The widget was already available on Maps for Android on iOS platform. Keep in mind, the compass can be use in two formats

1. always pointing towards north direction
2. a regular compass

Other new Features on Maps for Android:

Google also confirmed that it will introduce a set of new features for Maps. Last month, Google added dark theme on Google Maps for its Android app users around the world. The all new dark mode offers a super dark shade of grey on the maps, whenever the streets are in a lighter shade. With the introduction of this feature, the entire interface becomes more clearer and visually attractive. It becomes easier for users to track smaller landmarks and locations on the map.

According to official sources, Google is also planning to introduce Indoor AR Navigation. This feature works with Live View function, where users can access this feature at locations like malls, airports etc. This feature will help users to access particular store in a mall or a duty free shop on an Airport. Additionally, users will also get grocery pickup points on the Google Maps for Android itself. This feature will also allow users to schedule pickup and place orders via Maps. Google will integrate with feature through Google Search also.

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