Google Maps new features, will save user from taking long route

The new features coming from Google Maps will allow users to add missing roads and road directionality, rename, or delete incorrect ones.

Google Maps, a real-time navigation tool, often guides us accurately. Yet, there are instances where we find ourselves on longer routes to our destinations. To counter this, Google is introducing new features to enhance user experience on Google Maps. The tech giant, Google is planning to revamp its map editing interface. This update will empower users to contribute by adding missing roads, realigning existing ones, renaming locations, or even deleting inaccuracies.

Google Maps: New Features

Google’s latest update to Maps introduces the ‘Drawing’ feature. Meanwhile, this feature helps in enhancing user interaction with a tool reminiscent of Microsoft Paint’s line functionality. This innovative addition, designed for intuitive map editing, is set to revolutionize navigation and map accuracy. Users worldwide, across over 80 countries, can anticipate this rollout in the upcoming months, offering a new level of customization and precision to Google Maps’ extensive capabilities.

Right Now, if the user wants to add a missing road then they can drop a pin about the type of road, road location, road’s name. Using this pin feature, user can submit new information to the Google. Additionally, with these features users can also report if the road is closed on Google Maps. This report can be submitted with additional details including dates, directions etc. Also Read – Google updates its Google Photos app, the app will gets smarter with new video editor

Accessing Missing Road Feature

  • In Google Maps, Click on side menu button.
  • Go to “Edit the map” option.
  • Select “Missing Road”

Google will take the details from the users about this missing road on Google Maps and with this features the app will ensure that the user is accurate. After submission, the user will also see a screen on the app itself. This screen will prompt the user about marking a bike path as a road. The screen also says that Google will take upto seven days to review a user’s requested submission. Also Read – Google Photos video editing tool gets update for Android users globally

Google Maps: Location editing features
Google Maps: Location editing features
  • How to Update Photos on Google Maps?

Additionally, Google Maps also gets new features, “photo updates”. This new feature will allow users to share small details about the place they visited. The small details about the place can be updated without having to leave a full review. To access this feature, users also have to add a new image of the location along with a text snippet.

  • Users can add their own photos, simply by tapping on “upload a photo update” button.
  • Select the photo to post.
  • Leave a short text description about the submitted photo.
Google Maps: Photo Update features
Google Maps: Photo Update features

To recall, this “Drawing” tool feature is likely to roll out in over 80 countries in the coming days. Currently, Google is working on many new features for Google Maps. Also, We can expect these features to launch in coming days. Additionally, The tech giant will initially roll out these features to the beta users and later these features will come to general users from all around the world. Also Read – Facebook bring BARS as a TikTok alternative for rappers

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