Google Photos app gets smarter with new video editor

With new video editor users can adjust brightness and warmth of the video if the scene is poorly exposed.

In the upcoming months, Google Photos app for Android and iOS will undergo a significant change. The changes includes a new redesigned video editor, and the free unlimited storage plan for all consumers which will come to an end in June 2021. To continue uploading data beyond the 15GB limit, users will be required to subscribe to Google One, the paid service offered by Google.

However, in an effort to provide users with more incentives to opt for the paid service, Google plans to introduce exclusive Pixel editing features specifically tailored for photography enthusiasts. This will be particularly exciting news for shutterbugs who can look forward to accessing new and enhanced editing capabilities through the subscription.

Google Photos: New Features

Furthermore, in addition to the exclusive features for paid subscribers, there are also new additions available to free subscribers. Reports suggest that Google is providing advanced video editing tools to all Google Photos users free of charge. The video editor includes tools similar to those found in the photo editor, allowing all subscribers to trim, crop, apply filters, and adjust exposure in their videos. This means that all Google Photos users can take advantage of these tools to enhance their video editing capabilities. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to come with 120X zoom and mini secondary screen

Google Photos App for Android and iOS: New Features like redesigned Video Editor
Google Photos App: New Features

New Built-in Controls on Google Photos for Android

Google Photos for Android will get an updated video editor. The latest update has recently been released on the iOS platform, and it is expected to be rolled out to Android users in the upcoming weeks. This new update brings a host of features, including granular adjustments that are similar to the ones available in the photo editor. Also Read – Is OnePlus trying to move the Selfie Camera somewhere else?

Users will now have the ability to apply precise edits to their videos, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth. Moreover, the video editor offers more than 30 pre-built controls, allowing users to enhance their scenes with ease.

Exclusive features with Google One Membership

Google has recently announced the introduction of new features. The new set of feature includes portrait blur, portrait light, and color pop, for non-Pixel devices in Google Photos. However, it is worth noting that these features will be exclusively available to Google One members. Users will need to subscribe to Google One and become a member. This Google One membership will allows users to access the Pixel-specific Google Photos features on any other Android phone. Also Read – Is Apple working on its first Foldable iPhone?

The recently announced Portrait Light feature is one of the most exciting improvements to the Google Photos app. This feature brings a unique element to photos by adding an independent light source within the photo frame. Utilizing Google’s intelligent algorithms, the app adjusts the lighting effects dynamically. Thus, resulting in enhanced portrait lighting for a more captivating visual experience.

Redesign Photo Editor for Google Photos for iOS

As per rumors, Google is also planning to redesign photo editor for iOS platform. The new redesigned photo editor already debut on Android platform last September. The Pixel-exclusive editing features will reach non-Pixel phones through Google One subscription.

It’s worth noting that Pixel users will not have to pay to utilize these editing features. Google offers these features for free to Pixel users. In the early years, Google provided unlimited cloud storage in Original Quality with Pixel smartphones. This feature offer, however, was eventually deleted for newer Pixel smartphones. However, Pixel users can still enjoy access to these editing tools without any additional cost.

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