Google Pixel 5a launch date leaks, Pixel 6 to come with new design

Every year Google thrills it’s audience with the launch of new Pixel device. This year apparently will not be any different. Google is now planning to launch another new Pixel smartphone this year. This new upcoming smartphone is likely to be called as Google Pixel 5a. The upcoming Pixel 5a will succeed the previous generation Google Pixel 4a. Google is also planning to launch it’s new Google Pixel 6 line up. Rumors and Leaks about both of these phones has started to float all around the Internet.

The Google Pixel 6 lineup comes with highly speculated devices. As the smartphone lineup comes with improved design and other camera improvements. Additionally, Rumors also leaks the launch date of Google Pixel 5a. Also Read: Google Photos app brings new video editor with more smarter features

Pixel 6: Design

A team of 9To5Google teardown the Google camera APK. This teardown reveals about the upcoming Google Pixel 5a and Pixel 6. The Pixel 6 lineup is likely to feature a center-placed punch-hole display. To recall, the current generation of Pixel lineup features top-left punch-hole display. Thus, we can expect a major design changes in the upcoming pixel lineup. Leaks suggest that this design is inspired from current generation Samsung phones.

Google Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 to launch soon
Google Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 to launch soon

Pixel 6: Camera

According to recent leaks, the selfie camera is also likely to see some changes. It is also expected that selfie camera in Pixel 6 will also support 4K videos. This series of Pixel smartphones will be the first one to feature to support 4K video recording in front camera. To recall, Apple also added support for 4K videos for the front camera in the latest iPhone 12 lineup. However, it is still unknown, whether this 4K video support will also improve video recording capabilities.

Google Pixel 5a in works, Coming Soon

As mentioned above, there are reports about the upcoming Google Pixel 5a. The upcoming Pixel 5a is likely to follow same design trend as the current generation Pixel 4a. The Pixel 5a is likely to bring in a smaller punch hole display. This will provide better viewing experience with less interruptions. The upcoming device is likely to retain left-side punch hole as present in current generation of Pixel devices.

According to famous leakster, Jon Prosser, The latest Pixel 5a is likely to launch on June 11. Thus, it confirms that Google Pixel 5a is expected to launch earlier the before. To recall, Pixel 4a launched in August 2020. Similarly, the Pixel 3a launch happened around the same time in 2019. The leakster also confirms that the phone is likely to launch alongside new Google Pixel Buds.


However, there is not much of the official details available regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 5a and even the Pixel 6. But leaks do confirm that the devices are likely to come with improvement over their predecessors. Thus, devices are likely to come with upgraded specs. Based on Google’s previous Pixel devices, these devices are likely to fall under mid-range and upper mid-range price segment, respectively. However, we still need more information to get a clear images about these upcoming devices. Also Read: Android phones to come with heart and respiratory rate tracking cameras. Google working on this feature

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