Google “Find My” network clone for Android users under works

Google is planning to copy one of the most important iOS features yet again. According to reports, Android users are likely to get their own version of “Find My”. This will help them to easily find their lost devices. Keep in Mind, “Find My” could relates with the new “Find My Device” network. The reference to the same is available in the Google Play Services. The report suggests that the network could follow the working of Apple’s Find My Network.

Find My Network for Android users:

The leaks about this upcoming feature have been discover by the members at XDA Developers. According to XDA Developers, a set of strings have been found in the Google Play Services. As per reports, the Google Play Services app with Beta version 21.24.12 hints at the Find My Device network. This feature will make use of the Google Play Services for the users. Thus, allowing users to find their and other’s lost devices. To recall, Google Play Services plays and important part of Google Mobile Services (GMS) that includes all the Google apps. Also Read: Apple AirTags to soon work with Android phones, hints Apple

Google is working on "Find My" network service for Android users
Google is working on “Find My” network service for Android users

Find My Device app on Android:

To recall, Google already provides a Find My Device app to all the existing Android users. Additionally, this Android app lets users to find their lost devices. The major difference here is that the existing app can only find the device that are linked to the user’s Google account. The new upcoming system will allow people to find others’ devices too. The new system is most likely to work similar to the Apple’s Find My. As per speculations, Android counterpart is likely to limit to smartphones and tablets. Whereas, the Apple’s Find My works with variety of devices.

Google Play Services comes with majority of devices for Android users. Therefore, the new feature is likely to reach a number of users, whenever Google plans to launch it. Currently, not much is known about the Google’s Find My Device system. Additionally, if this report turns out to be true, Then Google might be copying yet another feature from the iOS platform. Previously also, Google introduced its version of AirDrop. This feature is called Nearby Share. This feature allows Android users to easily share files with another device.

Both Google and Apple have recently showcased their latest version of operating system. To recall, Apple recently showcase the latest version of iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. On the other hand, Google recently released its Google Android 13 Operating system. Also Read: Honor phones to launch with Google mobile services: Report

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