Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab to launch with dual-hinge design

According to leaks, Samsung is working on triple-fold tablet with dual-hinge design. The tablets with dual-hinges are likely to launch in early 2022.

Samsung is the leading brand in the folding smartphone market, with a dominant share of over 88% in 2021. However, the competition is heating up as many other companies are launching their own foldable phones with different designs and features. According to recent leaks, Samsung is reportedly working on a tri-fold tablet device that can fold in three ways. This tablet with its unique design is likely to be called as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab in works

As per reports, this tablet is likely to launch in 2022, along with two new folding smartphones: Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. This report is shared by GizmoChina, a popular tech news website. Samsung’s folding smartphones offer a versatile and immersive experience for users who want a larger screen without compromising portability.

The Galaxy Z Fold series opens horizontally to provide a tablet-sized screen. While the Galaxy Z Flip series closes vertically to shrink a conventional-sized phone to a more pocketable size. Both types provide a secondary display for use when the phone is closed.

Samsung’s folding smartphones also feature advanced cameras, powerful processors, long-lasting batteries, and 5G connectivity. Samsung is not resting on its laurels, though. It is developing new technologies and innovations to improve the durability, performance, and functionality of its folding devices. For example, the futuristic Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 could have water and dust resistance, under-display cameras, and S Pen support.

Samsung is also preparing to face the challenge from other brands that are entering the foldable market, such as Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Google. Furthermore, Samsung aims to maintain its leadership position and expand the foldable market by offering a range of devices that cater to different needs and preferences of consumers.

  • GizmoChina reports on tri-fold tablet

According to reports from GizmoChina, Samsung is developing a tri-fold tablet that can fold into three parts. The foldable could feature two hinges and three folding segments. This innovative device, dubbed Galaxy Z Fold Tab, was supposed to launch in Q1 2022. But the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed back the release date. However, Samsung is not giving up on its foldable technology.

The South Korean company is preparing to launch two new folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, by August 2021. The Galaxy Z Fold Tab will also support the tech giant’s new S Pen and have an updated UTG (under-display camera) and a Bluetooth-enabled stylus. Samsung’s foldable concepts at CES 2022 have revived dreams of tri-folding tablets and phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab: Expected Design (Image: LetsGoDigital)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab: Expected Design (Image: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung Tri-Fold Tablet device: In Making

The South Korean tech giant is working on a tri-fold tablet called the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, as reported by GizmoChina. This device will have a dual-hinge design that enables the display to fold in two places. Thus, creating a larger screen size and a more traditional tablet shape.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab will also come with a new S-Pen stylus that is compatible with the new Ultra-Thin Glass. This glass is more durable and resistant to scratches from the stylus. The new S-Pen will also have Bluetooth connectivity for wireless functions. The Galaxy Z Fold Tab is likely to launch in Q1 2022 and could cost over $2,000.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab: Expected Specs

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone will also feature the new Ultra-Thin Glass, as confirmed by the tipster. This glass was first introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone in 2020. It is a stronger and more durable option than the plastic folding OLED display. The plastic folding OLED display was used in the original Galaxy Fold smartphone, which had issues with screen durability and dust resistance.

  • S Pen Fold Edition: A Stylus for Galaxy Z Fold Tab

The new Ultra-Thin Glass is also compatible with the S Pen Fold Edition. This is a stylus that lets users to write and draw on the foldable screen. The S Pen Fold Edition has a retractable tip and a pressure sensor to prevent damaging the screen. Furthermore, this S Pen Fold Edition also has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless functions, such as taking photos, controlling media, and launching apps. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold unveils, Xiaomi’s first ever foldable phone

Samsung is reportedly working on a new tablet device with a dual-hinge design and a folding display. The Galaxy Z Fold Tab, is likely to launch in 2024 with a powerful Snapdragon 800 series processor. This could make it one of the most expensive tablets in the market. Furthermore, it will be competing with the premium Apple iPad Pro 12-inch model.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab would be the first of its kind to offer a dual folding display. Thus, allowing users to fold it in different ways. Samsung already has a range of folding devices in India. This includes foldable phones such as the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a tablet-sized device that folds into a smaller phone. While, the Galaxy Z Flip is a clamshell phone that resembles the Motorola Razr 5G.

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