Xbox Series X/S Seagate Storage Expansion Card comes to India

For the latest Xbox Series X/S consoles in India, Seagate has released a Storage Expansion Card.

Xbox Series X and Series S are among the most cost-efficient ways to play 4K games in 60 fps with native ray tracking support. With a wide variety of games optimized for the use of these features, a dedicated gamer will lose storage space, especially in Series S. For a proprietary storage solution last year, Microsoft teamed up with Seagate, the American Data Storage company.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card: How it works?

Seagate has now launched the Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 1 TB of external storage is given for a streamlined gaming experience, which replicates the speed and performance of the internal SSDs and Xbox velocity architecture (VA). VA mainly improves the streaming of game assets in Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, known as Asset Streaming, thus reducing the drive space of those assets. This helps you to enjoy such features as Quick Resume and faster load times.

In a company press statement, The Senior Vice President, Seagate told, “Seagate is thrilled to be a key player in next-generation gaming. The games will appear to be more dynamic, visually stunning, and immersive than ever along with improved performance.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox

Seagate Storage Expansion Card: Storage

Currently, only a single Seagate capacity model with 1TB standard is available. This card will double the storage range of Xbox Series X owner, while for the Series S owner, will have a combined 1.5TB of storage space. Microsoft and Seagate have worked in collaboration for this Storage Expansion Card. Thus, it supports the Xbox Velocity Architecture, despite being an external storage option. Optimized games for series X and series S can perform well even with the installed Expansion Card.

Seagate states that players can load their older Xbox universe titles and expect better results. Additionally, This Storage Expansion Card can be simply plug-and-play on any of the current-gen Xbox consoles. Players may still have to log in or use the disc to play games in their Xbox profile.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card: Price

The expansion card Seagate Storage Card costs Rs 23,499 in India. However, one can buy it for a lower price of Rs 22,999 as part of an introductory offer, from 8 February till 14 February. The card will be sold exclusively on Amazon and Seagate will provides a three years warranty. The card is compatible with its dedicated rear slot and USB ports for older external hard disks.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card: Worth for Xbox

In US, Seagate is selling the Storage Expansion Storage at an effective price of approximately Rs 16,000. Hence, Seagate is selling it in Indian variant at a far more than its actual worth in global markets. This data solution will be beneficial for the Xbox Series S customers who have just 512 GB of storage space.

Many who prefer a Series S console with a Storage Expansion Slot will see a better value compared to Series X. The Series X not only has 1TB of in-built storage, but it also provides the mix with superior game efficiency.

If you have a wide collection of frequent games. Then the storage expansion card makes sense to be own with Series X. In order to save bandwidth, players can uninstall the less played games. Also Read: Instagram introduces “Recently Deleted” feature

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