Mozilla Firefox to end support for Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show from April 30

Mozilla Firefox will not work on Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show devices after 30th April. Firefox browser support will end after 30th April.

Optimize your web browsing experience with Mozilla Firefox, the leading free and open-source browser. In a significant update, Mozilla Firefox has declared the discontinuation of its support for Amazon Echo Fire TV and Echo Show devices post-April 30th. This pivotal shift occurs after over three years of compatibility with these Amazon devices.

Echo Show owners will be informed of this change through upcoming notifications. Mozilla Firefox emphasizes that post the cutoff date, users integrated into the Amazon Ecosystem will face restrictions. They will lose the ability to install or engage with Firefox on their Fire TV. Moreover, no further security updates will be provided, and reinstallation of the Firefox application will not be an option once removed. Ensure to adjust your device settings accordingly for a seamless transition.

No more Firefox on Amazon devices

Enhance your Echo Show device experience with Amazon Silk, the default web browser for seamless internet surfing. The company officials adds that If users have set Mozilla Firefox as their default browser on Echo Show Device, then they will be redirected to Amazon Silk for web browsing. Mozilla Firefox officials have announced that starting April 30th, 2021, users who have set Firefox as their default browser will be automatically redirected to Amazon Silk. This strategic redirection aligns with the latest web browsing platform guidelines.

Furthermore, the Firefox app will be removed from the Amazon Appstore, following these new directives. Despite this, Amazon assures that uninterrupted web access remains available through the Silk browser. Notably, Silk integration into all Amazon devices, including Echo Show and Fire TV Stick. For quick access, users can simply command, “Alexa, open Silk,” to launch the browser. Prepare for this transition to maintain a smooth and efficient web browsing experience on your Amazon devices.

Mozilla Firefox to end support for Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show devices
Mozilla Firefox to end support for Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show devices
  • Amazon and Google on Disagreement

In the evolving landscape of digital streaming, Mozilla Firefox extends its support to Amazon Fire TV, following Google’s footsteps. Reflecting on the past, a notable dispute between Amazon and Google led to the withdrawal of YouTube content from Amazon’s range of devices. Despite this, YouTube access remains available on the Amazon Echo Show via the Mozilla Firefox browser.

During the height of the disagreement, certain Amazon services were also inaccessible on Google platforms. This development underscores the dynamic nature of tech alliances and the importance of versatile browser support for content accessibility on devices like Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show. Users looking to enjoy YouTube on their Echo Show can do so by navigating through Firefox. Thereby, ensuring stay connected to their favorite content. Also Read – Amazon is currently working on a wall-mounted Echo device

No YouTube on Echo devices

Pioneering the integration of web browsers with streaming devices, Mozilla was the trailblazer in introducing Firefox to Amazon Fire TV in December 2017. This move revolutionized the way users accessed the internet on their TVs. Fast forward to 2019, Google followed suit by launching the YouTube app for Fire TV. Thus, expanding the content streaming options available to users. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the necessity to opt for Firefox solely for YouTube access.

Despite the absence of YouTube app on Echo devices, users can still enjoy YouTube videos. This is possible through the Amazon Silk browser beyond April 30th. Originally, the Firefox Browser made its debut on Echo Show devices concurrently with the Amazon Silk browser. Thus, marking a significant enhancement in user experience. Both browsers were first introduced on the Echo Show 10 in September 2018. These popular web browsers offers user a choice in how they navigate the web on their devices.  Also Read – Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max with Wi-Fi 6, Dolby Vision support launched in India

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