200W fast charge technology from Xiaomi will charge smartphone in just 8 minutes

Fast Charge technology is becoming necessity for each smartphone. The need for fast charging is undeniable. These days almost all the smartphone brands are working on improving their charging solution by providing faster charging speed. Smartphone makers are constantly pushing boundaries to reduce charging times.

Fast Charge Technology

According to recent reports, Xiaomi is also trying to further up the fast charging game. Xiaomi is leading the charging list with their revolutionary Hypercharge technology. This innovative solution boasts an incredible 200W wired charging speed and a mind-blowing 120W wireless charging option. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ could launch with a different name in India

This fast charge technology will translate to significantly faster charging times. According to reports, this technology can fully charge the smartphone in just eight minutes. Reports suggest this is the charging speed for a 4000mAh battery according to Xiaomi. Also Read – Nokia Lite Earbuds BH 205 and Nokia Wired Buds WB 101 Launched in India

Xiaomi Fast Hyper Charge Technology - Results
Xiaomi Fast Hyper Charge Technology – Results

With this charging time, Xiaomi take the fast charge technology to a new record. Xiaomi breaks new ground with their record-setting 200W wired Hypercharge technology. This innovation positions them as the first smartphone brand to offer such blazing-fast charging speeds.

It’s worth noting that other smartphone manufacturers are actively developing faster charging solutions, so the race is on. High-speed charging, especially at 200W, requires robust safety measures to prevent overheating, battery damage, and potential hazards. Currently, Xiaomi is working in taking proper measures to prevent heating and other issues. Also Read – OnePlus Nord Buds CE TWS earbuds, OnePlus Nord Wired earphones launched; review

Xiaomi New Fast Charge Technology

Xiaomi took to Twitter to officially announce their revolutionary Hypercharge technology. This cutting-edge charging solution achieved remarkable speeds. Furthermore, the game-changing solution boasts a record-breaking 200W wired charging speed. To showcase its capabilities, Xiaomi even released a video featuring the technology in action. Also Read – 240W Fast charging technology from Chinese OEM coming soon

This faster charging technology was performed on a custom-made Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. With this technology, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro reached a full charge in a remarkably short time. We suggest our readers to get ready for the fast charge technology on their next smartphone models.

  • Xiaomi Hypercharge: 0 to 100% in 8 Minutes

Xiaomi’s official report unveils mind-blowing charging speeds with their 200W Hypercharge. This technology can reportedly charge a 4000mAh battery to 50% in just 3 minutes. In an additional five minutes, the same charging technology can fully charge a smartphone. Also Read – Parallel charging technology under works, could help Xiaomi achieve double charging speeds

In other words, a 4000mAh battery smartphone can go from 0 to 100% in just eight minutes. Stay tuned for more updates coming on the upcoming fast charge technology from other smartphone brands.

120W Fast Wireless Charge Technology

Xiaomi isn’t just pushing boundaries with wired charging. Their 120W wireless Hypercharge solution offers impressive speeds as well. The same custom Mi 11 Pro was used to demonstrate the 120W wireless charging solution by the smartphone brand. Also Read – Xiaomi Global event set for September 15, Xiaomi 11T Series to debut

While not quite as rapid as the wired option, it still delivers a significant boost. It means this technology took some extra time. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 1 Minute to 10% Charge: Get a quick power-up in just 60 seconds.
  • Half Battery in 7 Minutes: No more waiting hours for a halfway decent charge.
  • Full Charge in 15 Minutes: Go from empty to 100% in a quarter of an hour.

These speeds are showcased using a custom-built Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, giving users a real-world glimpse of Hypercharge’s capabilities. Remember, Xiaomi is currently leading the charge in rapid wireless charging. Also Read – Google Pixel 5a 5G launched with Snapdragon 765G, 4680mAh battery and much more

Xiaomi Hypercharge: Wired vs. Wireless and Market Landscape

While the 200W wired Hypercharge steals the show, Xiaomi’s 120W wireless option is no slouch either. It means this is almost double time to charge taken by the 200W charging solution. But, still the Wireless fast charge technology is equally impressive. It offers a full charge in 15 minutes, which is still remarkably fast.

  • Xiaomi vs. Competition: Oppo and Realme currently boast 125W wired charging, achieving a full charge in roughly 20 minutes for a 4000mAh battery. Xiaomi’s previously released 120W wired charging (Mi 10 Ultra) could manage a 4500mAh battery in 23 minutes.
  • Details on Availability: It’s important to note that Xiaomi hasn’t revealed details about when or in which phones this groundbreaking Hypercharge technology will be commercially available.

Beyond the showcase, Xiaomi has not yet revealed further details about this upcoming fast charge technology. Also Read – iPad Pro 2021 models with Thunderbolt port launching in April

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