FAUG to feature multiplayer team Deathmatch Mode soon

Initially, FAUG was released on India’s Republic Day and has Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as a patron. FAU-G came with single player campaign mode.

FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), the popular Indian action game from nCore Games, is set to receive a significant update with the introduction of the highly anticipated Deathmatch Mode. This new mode is sure to breathe new life into the game. As a result, it has attracted a larger audience and solidified its status as a fascinating PUBG Mobile rival. The FAUG Deathmatch Mode, available in both solo and multiplayer team game.

It will pit players against each other in a frenetic battle for survival. The last player or team standing will emerge victorious, adding an element of competitive intensity and strategic gameplay to the FAUG experience. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India, Find out the launch date from the latest teaser

FAUG Update in India

This update is a significant step forward for FAUG since it addresses one of the game’s most pressing demands. Deathmatch Mode is likely to increase the multiplayer appeal. Thus, offering players with an adrenaline-fuel, fast-paced experience comparable to PUBG Mobile.

FAUG is ready to further establish itself as a prominent action game in the Indian market with the launch of the Deathmatch Mode. The game’s focus to delivering a varied range of multiplayer modes. Thus, compelling gameplay is guaranteed to draw new players and maintain existing ones.

Deathmatch Mode on FAUG: Solo/ Multiplayer Game

nCore Games, the developer behind the popular Indian action game FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), has officially confirmed the imminent release of the long-awaited Deathmatch Mode update. The next update is set to transform the game’s multiplayer experience. Thus, adding a thrilling dimension to the engaging gameplay.

The Deathmatch Mode, a staple feature in many popular action games, including PUBG Mobile, will introduce a frenetic, last-player-standing format to FAUG. Players will engage in intense battles with the new update. They can play either solo or as part of a team.

  • nCore Games Delivers on Promise with Deathmatch Mode

The addition of the Deathmatch Mode is an important milestone for FAUG. It will fulfills a fundamental promise given to the game’s expanding community. This new FAUG upgrade will improve the multiplayer appeal in this action game. Furthermore, it will draw new players in the premier action game in the Indian market.

With the addition of the Deathmatch Mode, FAUG is poised to redefine the multiplayer gaming experience for Indian gamers. The diverse multiplayer modes will fulfill the company’s commitment towards the gamers. The engaging gameplay is sure to captivate players. It can establish FAUG as a formidable contender in the ever-evolving mobile gaming landscape.

FAUG, online action game from nCore Games to get Deathmatch Mode, multiplayer mode
FAUG, online action game from nCore Games to get Deathmatch Mode, multiplayer mode

In FAUG game, this Deathmatch Mode allow users to play in highly-aggressive environment within a restricted time. The Deathmatch Team is likely to be compromise of FAUG 5v5 players. Wherein, a total of 10 players will be allowed to combat against each other.

Multiplayer Team on FAUG Game

According to reports, the new update is likely to bring support for new maps also. At this moment, this Multiplayer deathmatch mode is already present on the FAUG Game app. But, still this feature is inaccessible to the users. Besides FAUG, the other popular game apps that support multiplayer feature includes PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty(COD).

The Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has already made a tweet regarding this update around FAUG Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode Game. However, there is no news about the launch of this new update. Initially, the game released with only hand-to-hand combat feature. Immediately after the launch, the game faced a lot of criticism and backlash, as the game was unable to fulfill the users’ requirements. As per critics, the game was termed as “Simple Game“. This situation occurs because of lack of gaming content and game levels.

FAU-G faces criticism

Especially after PUBG Mobile ban in India, the game lovers took over the Google Play Store listing and bombarded the game page with negative reviews and bad ratings. However, the developers are now defending this action buy sharing the news regarding the latest update.

To recall, FAUG Game was launch as a best alternative to PUBG Multiplayer Mobile in India. During its initial release days, the game registers over five million downloads on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.5 stars. Now, the game rating has fallen to 3.2 stars at present. The main reason behind this rating drop is considerably the lack of content and minimal features. The game features a single player mode along with basic two button mechanics. This criticism pushed the developers to add new content and features to the game.

However, still there is much more scope of improvement, which is required to be added. The game developers should optimize the game make it look more realistic. While, the addition of more weapons will enhance the capabilities of the player. We must appreciate team nCore for this Deathmatch mode and Multiplayer team support on FAUG Game. Also Read – Google Chrome OS 88 officially launched

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