Microsoft could launch “The New Windows” operating system soon

According to reports, Microsoft is working hard on the New Windows Operating System. The company is ready to announce its new operating system soon.

It has been long time since we had a news around new Operating System coming from the house of Microsoft. But this time, the internet is flooding with the news of “The New Windows” Operating System. Apparently, Microsoft is currently working hard on a newer version of Windows. However, The alleged name for this new Windows is still unknown. The company is likely to make announcement regarding this new operating system pretty soon.

Windows 10X: The New Windows Operating System
Windows 10X: The New Windows Operating System

Windows 10X: New Operating System

According to reports, The major update in regards to this new operating system is likely to be announced by the end of March 2021. It is assume that this “New Windows” is likely to be name as “Windows 10X“.

Earlier, it was assume that this Windows 10X will come only for dual-screen devices and displays. However, the company has now made changes in their plans. As per company’s plans, it is likely to be made available for single-screen device first. These includes Laptops, desktops, tablets etc.

The news regarding this new operating system is reported by Microsoft leakster WalkingCat. He confirms that company is looking to make announcement regarding its new Operating system. According to his tweets, The operating system is likely to launch in the month of March. But later, he clarifies that launch will happen soon, but not in the month of March.

He also confirms that “The New Windows” is just a gimmick name for the new “Windows 10X“, which is likely to launch earlier for the dual-screen devices. Other than this, nothing else was reveal regarding the new upcoming operating system. Also Read: nCore Games’ to update the FAU-G app with multiplayer team Deathmatch Mode soon

Microsoft is likely to delay the launch of Windows 10X. This will happen because the company wants to release a major update for Windows 10 first. This major update is likely to be Windows 10 21H1. This update is likely to being new security features, along with remote access improvements and others.

Windows 10X: The New Windows Operating System
Windows 10X: The New Windows Operating System

Windows 10X: Expected Features

Some previous leaks confirms that Windows 10X is likely to feature a new Action Centre and a new Start Menu. The Start Menu will be refresh with list of apps and recently accessed documents, instead of small tiles. The new operating system is likely to feature some new gestures. These gestures will simplify the multitasking operations. Using new gestures, Two apps can connect side-by-side by using three finger swipe.

The new operating system is likely to come pre-installed with PCs which are specifically design for it. The low-cost PCs will be design for educational and corporate users as their target audience. All this info is insufficient, a lot more is require to learn more, thus we suggest you to calm and keep a watch on this post. Also Read: Facebook launches BARS as new alternate to TikTok for rappers

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