Microsoft Windows 11 launches with an improved design and performance

Microsoft has officially unveiled its next-gen Windows 11 operating system. The latest operating system will succeed the Windows 10.

Last week, Microsoft unfold all the mystery behind the next gen Windows 11 operating system. This all-new Windows operating system is the first product that the tech giant has announced since 2015. To recall, it was 2015 when the Windows 10 operating system was launched. During the launch event, the Redmond based company unveiled all the key highlights of this latest Windows 11 OS. The company also announced the official release date for the same.

Windows 11 OS: Release Date

During the all-virtual launch event, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows 11 operating system will be available to all the eligible customers during Fall 2021. Although, the company did not provide any concrete date for the same. But it did mentions that all the major OEMs including Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and many more will bring their Windows 11 ready laptops in the market. The company also confirms that Windows 11 OS will be made as a free upgrade to all the Windows 10 users. Earlier also, Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade over the Windows 7 and Windows 8 to all the users.

Windows 11 and its making:

In 2015, Microsoft at Windows 10 launch event informs that this would be the last version of Windows. The company commits to provide constant updates to the users. However, six years later, the company has now launched the Windows 11 OS. This Windows 11 operating system will succeed the Windows 10 Operating System. Breaking out its words, the Redmond based company states that it wanted to provide users with much more seamless and personal experience. The company wanted to provide its consumers with all the features that they would require in the modern-day to day tasks. To fulfill the consumers need it was highly required to build a new Windows operating system. All these lead to the making of Windows 11 as the latest operating system.

Microsoft unveils all new Windows 11 OS
Microsoft unveils all new Windows 11 OS

Windows 11 and its features:

The all-new Windows 11 OS comes with a completely revamped design. The latest Windows gets a redesign starting from the boot screen. Windows 11 brings all new interface, updated icons and more. Some of the key highlighting features of the Windows 11 includes a centered taskbar, centered start menu, similar to macOS centered dock.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration:

Additionally, the Start Menu also gets a new design. This allows users to scroll through their most used apps and other apps in a single click. Windows 11 OS also gets Teams integration. The Microsoft Teams allows users to seamlessly interact with other on the new Windows 11 UI. The all-new widget is located on the left side of the glass window. This allows users to see all the necessary things they wanted in a single place.

The all-new Windows 11 gets Microsoft Teams integration
The all-new Windows 11 gets Microsoft Teams integration
  • Windows 11 OS gets touch friendly:

Additionally, Windows 11 OS gets more touch friendly as compared to Windows 10. The latest Windows OS gets all-new touch keyboard, larger touch layout, improve snapping and much more. Beside all this, the Windows also gets a Dark and a Light mode too. This is similar to one we already have on the Windows 10. But the newer version comes with much better animations.

  • Gaming improvements:

Gaming is another department where Windows 11 excels. The all-new operating system comes with Auto HDR, which will make games look much better on the screen. This Auto HDR feature is already available on Xbox Series X | S. Additionally, the latest Windows also gets Direct Storage API. This feature is also available on Xbox Series X | S. This feature allows games to directly load assets to the GPU. Thus, bypassing the CPU, to reduce the load and increase in speed. Windows 11 OS also includes Xbox Game Pass integration directly via Xbox app. Overall, the complete interface looks pretty neat and clean. It appears more of similar to Windows 10X. To recall, Windows 10X was likely to get announce for the dual-screen devices. However, the idea was shelved earlier this year.

The all-new Windows 11 gets Xbox Game Pass Integration
The all-new Windows 11 gets Xbox Game Pass Integration
  • New Microsoft Store:

With the Windows 11 OS, Microsoft rebuild the Microsoft Store from the scratch. The all-new Store gets much cleaner design with better search options. In Windows 11, the latest Microsoft Store will allow developers to add any type of file extension app. Additionally, developers can use their own commerce engine. It will be allowed to keep 100 percent of their earnings.

All-new Microsoft Store with Android app integration through Amazon Appstore
All-new Microsoft Store with Android app integration through Amazon Appstore
  • Android app integration on Windows:

Windows 11 OS will support Android apps. Users can download these Android apps directly from the Amazon App Store. To help users, Windows support Android apps directly out of the box. Microsoft is using the Intel Bridge technology. Also Read: Windows 11 Operating system official teaser video

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