Next Gen iPhone to get this flagship feature

The next generation iPhone could come with an in-display fingerprint scanner along with Touch ID

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Apple iPhone 13 rumored to bring back Touch ID fingerprint scanner in 2023. The upcoming Apple iPhone 13 is expected to bring back the Touch ID fingerprint scanner after it was discontinued in 2017. This is according to recent leaks and rumors, which suggest that the 2021 iPhone 13 will have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Touch ID is a popular fingerprint scanner that is available on most of the Android phones for many years. It is a more convenient way to unlock your phone than Face ID, which is the current biometric authentication method used in iPhones.

The return of Touch ID to the iPhone is likely due to the increasing popularity of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face ID is not as reliable when people are wearing masks, so Touch ID could be a welcome addition for many users.

The iPhone 13 is also likely to have other new features. These may includes features such as a faster processor, a better camera, and a longer battery life. Furthermore, it is likely to launch in the second half of 2023. Also Read: A higher capacity battery on iQOO 9

Apple iPhone 13 with Touch ID + Face ID

Apple iPhone 13 may bring back Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

  • Former Apple employee leaks that iPhone 13 may have Touch ID
  • iPhone 13 may have both Touch ID and Face ID for biometric authentication
  • Touch ID is a fingerprint scanner that is more convenient than Face ID when wearing a mask
  • Optical in-display fingerprint scanner is more reliable than previous Touch ID sensors
  • 2021 iPhone 13 is likely to launch in the second half of 2023

Optical fingerprint scanners vs ultrasonic fingerprint scanners

  1. Optical fingerprint scanners use light to create an image of the fingerprint, while ultrasonic fingerprint scanners use sound waves.
  2. Optical fingerprint scanners are less secure than ultrasonic fingerprint scanners. This is because as they can be easily fool by high-resolution images of fingerprints.
  3. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are more secure, as they create a 3D image of the fingerprint that is more difficult to replicate.
  4. Optical fingerprint scanners are cheaper and easier to manufacture than ultrasonic fingerprint scanners.
  5. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are more reliable in wet or dirty conditions.

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  • Apple may use optical-capacitive hybrid fingerprint sensor for 2021 iPhone 13

A former Apple employee suggests that optical fingerprint sensors are more secure than ultrasound sensors. This could solve the security issues of Touch ID. Optical sensors might make Touch ID as reliable as the old one or even as good as Face ID. Apple could also use optical-capacitive hybrid sensors, which combine a capacitive sensor and an optical sensor.

The optical part would make it easier to unlock the device. While the capacitive part would increase the security and safety of the device. By adding Face ID, Apple would enhance the security factor of the current iPhones. These iPhones only use facial recognition for biometric authentication.

This would mark as the rebirth of Touch ID, because for the type won’t be capacitive, which has been seen on previous iPhone models, including the iPhone SE 2020.

Apple iPhone 13: Touch ID, The fingerprint scanner
Apple iPhone 13: Touch ID

Whenever a situation arise where Face ID refuses to function, it can also prove beneficial. Such situations can include an extremely dark environment or even a place where you are wearing a mask during COVID pandemic. Since Face ID is good, we should expect something good with respect to Touch ID from the Apple basket.

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