Google Phone gets new caller ID announcement feature similar to iOS

Google is currently rolling out a new feature for its Google Phone app. This new feature will allow announcement of caller’s name when the smartphone rings. The addition of new feature is reported by 9to5Google. According to reports, in this feature, Google will allow users to manually setup the Phone app to announce the name of caller. After setup, the app will announce the caller ID name every time the phone rings. The smartphone will also announce the caller ID even when the smartphone is connected to headset.

Caller ID Announcement feature on Google Phone:

To recall, a similar feature is already available in iOS. Apple also provides a similar feature with its iOS operating system. The iPhone users also finds this feature very much useful. Considerably, the iPhone users also get to know who is calling even before they get a look at the smartphone’s display. The Caller ID announcement feature is also handy for special people with visual disabilities. Now, this feature lands in Android on Google Phone app.

Google Phone app gets New caller ID announcement feature
Google Phone app gets New caller ID announcement feature

How to enable caller ID announcement feature?

The all new feature is only accessible after updating the Google Phone app. After updating, users can enable the “Announce Caller ID” feature. This feature can be enabled by following the given steps:

1. Update the Google Phone app from Google Play Store
2. After updating, open the Google Phone app.
3. Access its app Settings
4. Tap on the “Announce Caller ID” tab
5. Select how you want to activate

  • Always
  • Only when using the headset
  • Never

6. After selecting the setting, the phone will announce the caller ID, once the phone starts ringing. Also Read: iPhone 13 to feature much smaller Face ID for a small notch

Google I/O 2021 Event: Highlights

Beside new features on Google Phone app, Other news from Google I/O 2021 event includes the release of the first public beta version of Google Android 12 operating system. This new mobile operating system comes with multiple new features, a newly revamped design and much more. In this new Android 12 OS, the company has completely revamped the visual design language. Keep in mind, this will the biggest visual upgrade in Android Operating system since Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The tech giant has officially confirm that the final build of the Android 12 OS will be released later this year. Other then the Android 12 Operating system, the company also launched various other new updates in its app and other operating system. The company also showcase the updated version of its Wear OS. The company adds new features to its Google Photos app. Additionally, the company also launched some new Google AI based tools. These tools will act like doctor in evaluating dermatologic problems in users skin.

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