Apple iPod Touch 8th Gen could launch soon: Design, Details

Apple is reportedly working on the 8th gen iPod Touch. The latest iPod could launch on the 20th anniversary of iPod.

Leaks suggest Apple might be reviving the iconic iPod Touch, with a brand-new 8th gen model potentially arriving just in time for the iPod’s 20th anniversary celebration. This next-gen iPod Touch would mark the eighth iteration in the popular line, succeeding the 7th generation device launched way back in May 2019. That’s a significant gap, sparking speculation about what Apple has in store for the beloved music player’s comeback.

While specific details remain shrouded in secrecy, the potential return of the iPod Touch has already sent nostalgic hearts racing. Could we see a sleek design refresh, upgraded specs, or even new features to keep the iPod relevant in today’s smartphone-dominated world?

With the anniversary looming on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled for official announcements from Apple. The 8th generation iPod Touch might just be the surprise throwback we’ve all been waiting for! Also Read – Next Gen Apple iPhone to get this flagship feature

The next gen Apple iPod Touch to launch soon
The next gen Apple iPod Touch to launch soon

iPod Touch 2023: MacRumors Drops Hints, Renders

Apple might be rewinding the tape on the iconic iPod Touch, with rumors of an 8th generation model dropping just in time for its 20th birthday bash.

  • Leaked Launch Date and Possible Identity: Tech sleuth Steve Moser from MacRumors dropped the bomb, suggesting the new iPod Touch could arrive alongside the anniversary celebrations. He even hinted it might be the “next-gen Apple product” mentioned in a cryptic Apple Music PR blurb back in November 2020.
  • Fueling the Hype with Renders: To keep the rumor mill churning, Moser also shared a render image showcasing the potential device alongside an iPhone 12. The sleek design ditches the curves for a flat build, reminiscent of the classic iPod aesthetic. And it wouldn’t be Apple without a color splash. According to leaks, fans could expect Black, Red, Green, Purple, and Blue options to rock your music world.
  • Intrigue and Speculation: While details remain under wraps, Moser’s whispers have sparked a frenzy of speculation. Will the 8th gen iPod Touch pack a powerful punch, or stick to its nostalgic roots?
  • Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal: With the anniversary on the horizon, Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest. But one thing’s for sure – the potential return of the iPod Touch has ignited a wave of excitement among music lovers. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite could be launched earlier than anticipated

Apple iPod Touch 8th Gen: Design leaks

Latest buzz suggests the upcoming Apple iPod Touch 8th gen might ditch its curved curves for a sleek, flat design. Thus, mirroring the current iPhone 12 lineup.

  • Goodbye Curves, Hello Edge: According to leaked renders, the new iPod Touch embraces a modern aesthetic. The upcoming model could shed the rounded edges of its predecessor for a sharper, more contemporary look. This design shift aligns with the current iPhone 12 series, potentially offering a familiar and comfortable feel in the hand.
  • Rearview Mirror: Turning things around, the back seems to play host to a centered Apple logo. There will be a single camera sensor, and a flash for capturing those on-the-go moments. Interestingly, the camera module placement echoes the iPhone 7 series, positioned at the top left corner. This design choice might spark speculation about the camera capabilities and potential upgrades.

While leaked renders showcase a flat design revamp, the battle lines are drawn on the front: bezels or no bezels?

  • Bezel Bonanza or Notch Nibbler?

  1. Render 1: This image suggests minimal bezels surrounding the display, alongside a front-facing camera . Overall, this is a familiar design reminiscent of previous Apple iPod Touch models. Also Read – Nothing officially confirms about its first product, will arrive this summer
  2. Render 2: Taking things a step further, this render envisions a bezel-less marvel, mimicking the notch-free iPhone 12 series. A sleek and modern look, indeed!
  • Hold the Hype: It’s Rumor Town

MacRumors’ Steve Moser himself cautions fans – these are just renders, not official leaks. Treat them as a sprinkle of speculation, not a confirmation of Apple’s final vision.

  • Pinch of Salt Recommended

While the possibilities are exciting, remember, these are just rumors. Approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism until Apple unveils the official 8th gen iPod Touch. Also Read – Happy Birthday Amazon Alexa, turns 3 in India, company releases some exciting facts about Alexa

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