Apple search tags under testing phase, helps to narrow down search results

According to reports, Apple is testing search tags in the App Store to narrow down search results. This new feature has been spotted on iOS 14.5 Beta version.

Apple is reportedly testing a new search tags feature. This iPhone feature will help in refining the search results in popular app categories on the App Store. According to reports, some iPhone users have already spotted the tags feature in App Store while searching for a particular popular term like “photos” or “cooking”. On the search page, beside the term, there pops an additional tag which is related to that particular app. Also Read: Google brings back compass on Maps for Android users

Apple Search Tags on iPhone App Store
Apple Search Tags on AppStore

Apple Search Tags: How it Works?

On Apple AppStore, Tapping on these search tags, will open the search page related to apps that curates and focuses on that particular tag. According to a report from AppleInsider, besides this users can add a second tag to further narrow down the search result and get more specific option to choose from. Suppose, a user is looking for “photos” and then taps another tag like “collage”, then the search result will be narrow down to apps that allows making photo collage.

Tags spotted on iOS 14.5 Beta:

The official release of this feature is yet to be known. However, reports suggests that the addition of this feature is not so far. Currently, the search tags can be seen by the users accessing Apple devices in US only. Most of the users in US witness this feature on iOS 14.5 Beta version. However, few users claimed to have seen this feature on iOS 14.4.2 also. According to official reports, this is likely to be server-side change and might be eventually released on several versions of iOS. While testing out this feature AppleInsider claims to have noticed this feature on device running iOS 14.5 beta. However, he claims that this feature was notice occasionally.

Apple Search Tags spotted on iPhone iOS 14.5 Beta
Apple Search Tags spotted on iOS 14.5 Beta

Apple’s App Download Stats:

According to reports, Apple’s website notice almost 70% of App Store users uses the search capabilities to find apps. Keep in mind, out of these 65% of downloads occur directly after the search. This new search tags feature will be helpful for such user on Apple iOS platform. This feature will make it easier for the users to find specific type of apps. In the past also, Apple brought Search Ads in 2016. This allowed app developers to pay the Cupertino Tech Major for their app listing and showing at the top of the search results. This listing depends on app’s relevancy. According to sources, the stable version of iOS 14.5 is likely to be roll out in early springs. Earlier, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple in an interview claims that the update release is just few weeks away.

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