Battlegrounds Mobile India game officially announced by Krafton

PUBG Mobile India game has been rebadged as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company was teasing for the same after the ban on PUBG Mobile in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new game by Krafton Inc., which will launch soon. The company has announced the name of the game and some details. The game will have exclusive in-game events, such as outfits and features, which are unique and exciting. The game will also have its own esports platform, with tournaments and leagues, which are competitive and fun.

It is an all-new experience packed with exclusive in-game events, stunning outfits, and exciting features. The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still unknown. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India, Find out the launch date from the latest teaser

Battleground Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new name of PUBG Mobile India, which was banned in the country. After months of anticipation following the PUBG Mobile ban, whispers of a rebrand and relaunch under the new title seem to have faded. Krafton Inc. has announced the launch of the new game, which is a modified version of the original game.

Several indicators point towards a potential setback. Krafton abruptly shut down the domain, a key hub for Indian PUBG information. Furthermore, the official YouTube channel underwent a rebrand, shedding the “PUBG Mobile India” moniker and removing older content related to the game. Also Read – Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version: A New Gaming Smartphone from Redmi

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Launch Plans

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new game by Krafton Inc., which will launch soon. The company has announced that the game will have pre-registration, which is a convenient feature. The game will be available only in India, which is an exclusive feature. Krafton Inc. officially confirmed pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India, paving the way for the highly anticipated PUBG return.

The game will have an e-sports platform, which is a competitive feature. The game will also have new in-game content and events, which are exciting features. The company will host an India specific event after the launch, but the details are still unknown. Furthermore, Krafton promises regular updates, new in-game content, and thrilling events to keep you hooked. Expect fresh maps, weapons, customizations, and challenges to conquer with your squad.

Privacy and Data security with Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton Inc has announced that the privacy and data security of its users are very important. The company will cooperate with its partners to protect the data and security at every stage. Krafton is going all-in with cutting-edge data protection measures.

Krafton assures you complete control over your data, empowering you to comply with privacy regulations, manage your data preferences, and make informed choices. This will respect the privacy rights of its users. The company has also shared the details of how it collects and stores the data. The data collection and storage will follow all the relevant laws and rules in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India website Screenshot, launch soon by Krafton Inc.
Battlegrounds Mobile game website Screenshot

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new game by Krafton Inc., which has its own website. The website has a new logo as a GIF image, which is a unique and attractive feature. The website also has the news of the game’s launch, which is an exciting feature. Also Read – Redmi K40 Gaming Lite in works, specs and other details leaked

The game’s YouTube channel is the only social media link on the website, which is a simple and convenient feature. Krafton Inc. has removed all the social media posts and the teaser of PUBG Mobile India, which was the old name of the game. You can also read this article Top Trending PC Games, which is a useful and informative feature.

What Krafton Inc says?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new game by Krafton Inc., which will launch soon. The company officials are very happy and eager for the game’s launch, which is an exciting feature. The game is not only a fun and entertaining activity, but also a chance for the gaming community to expand and improve their reputation in the market. The game will help the esports in India to grow and succeed, which is a positive feature. Also Read – BSNL Rs 197 prepaid plan launched, 4 prepaid plans discontinued

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