Instagram to soon start testing Reels as ads in India

Facebook owned company, Instagram could start advertising Reels in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia. It will allow advertisers to generate revenue directly by advertising their select genre of Reels.

Facebook may start testing showing ads on its Instagram Reels platform in multiple countries. These countries may include India, Australia, Brazil and Germany. Beside this, the company is also planning to start testing some other features.

These features may include allowing users to share their own Reels stories and videos on their Facebook account. Initially, This feature will be tested with limited users in India. Also Read – “Clubhouse for PC” fake ads appear on Facebook

How Instagram Reels ads will work?

Creating Reels on Instagram is as easy as creating a short Video on any other platform. Recently, Carolyn Everson, the Vice President – Global Business, Facebook confirms that the introduction of Reels as advertisement.

This will show how popular and strong momentum is for the Reels on Instagram. However, she did not reveal the usage metrics for Instagram Reels. Just like any other ads, The Instagram Reels ads will be upto 30 seconds long. Also, users will be allowed to skip the ads by swiping. Also Read – Facebook’s Instagram Lite app gets Reels feature in India

Instagram Reels to show as ads in coming months
Reels to show as ads in coming months

The Facebook owned company will allow the advertisers to select particular categories of Reels in Instagram to show as ads. The select Instagram Reels will be used to place as ads on. For instance, Any baby product company will choose parenting or baby videos.

Whereas, fashion company will choose youth and clothing videos for the ads. This will be the company’s largest move in allowing brands to advertise using Instagram. The company will allow advertisers to target only select users by their interest by showing select Instagram Reels Ads. Also Read – Instagram will no longer promote recycled TikTok videos

Sticker Ads for Facebook Stories

Beside this Instagram Reels ads, the company is also working on testing the sticker ads for its Facebook Stories. The company will begin its testing in coming weeks. Also, This allow brands to create ads in form of stickers. Also Read – Facebook Stories gets Green Screen for special effects

This will allow creators to place such ads inside their stories.. The advertising company will then provide all influencers using the sticker ads with a cut of any sales. This will include money for all the sales they made through their stickers.

With the addition of this feature, Facebook push to retain its creator. As the creators are simply switching the platform to earn more money from their content. Also Read – What is Google Multisearch near me, Diversified Filter, Personalized Ads?

Other upcoming features on Facebook and Instagram

Besides Instagram Reels Ads, Facebook is also working on an audio chat based app. This is the upcoming app which the company will launching as a rival to iOS famed, Clubhouse. This upcoming app will be name as Facebook Live Audio Rooms.

Currently, this app is in public beta testing phase. The social media giant has confirm to launch this upcoming service in this Summer. Also, There are many other new features in the pipeline, which are likely to launch in coming months. Also Read – Windows 11 to launch on June 24, hints at major design changes

Once the testing finishes, the Facebook owned company, Instagram will publicly release this Reels as ads feature. Also Read – How US based Google Pay users can send money to India?

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