Xiaomi to hide the front camera on its next Mi flagship smartphone

According to rumors, Xiaomi is likely to introduce an under-display camera on its next Mi flagship phone. A UWB will also be present.

The all-new Mi 11 Ultra comes as the latest ground-breaking innovations from the laboratories of Xiaomi. The smartphone is priced at Rs 70000. From the price point of view, this blockbuster innovation can give tough competition to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Galaxy S21 Plus. According to rumors, Xiaomi is now working on a new Mi flagship phone that could out pass the Ultras and the Maxes of the phones.

Xiaomi could bring a new gen technology with this upcoming flagship phone. The report suggests that the next gen Mi flagship phone will deal with the front camera. It has been long time since Xiaomi has been working with the under-display camera technology. The report suggests that Xiaomi is now ready to bring this next gen technology on its upcoming flagship lineup. Additionally, the upcoming Mi flagship lineup phones are likely to feature a UWB chip. This chip will help in tracking nearby device.

Xiaomi planning to launch a hidden camera technology with next Mi flagship phone
Xiaomi planning to launch a hidden camera technology with next Mi flagship phone

Xiaomi flagship smartphone:

The details about this next gen technology have been revealed by the mysterious tipster Digital Chat Station. As per Digital Chat Station, the upcoming smartphone will be of same level as the current gen Mi 11 Ultra. The next Mi flagship phone could be the most expensive innovation from the labs of Xiaomi in the recent times. On the other hand, another report suggest that this upcoming Mi phone could be the successor to the Xiaomi Mi 10T series instead of the Mi 11 Ultra series. As per this report, the upcoming smartphone could the Mi 11T Ultra smartphone.

To recall, last year Xiaomi showcase a concept device of Mi 10 flagship. This Mi 10 flagship phone featured a hidden camera. Additionally, the display on this device is good enough to hide the camera location, while keeping the image quality as good as the regular selfie camera. We can expect the upcoming Mi phone to be better than the flagship smartphone from this year, Mi 11 Ultra. Also Read: Xiaomi Mi 11X series launches in India, includes Mi 11X and Mi 11X Pro

UWB Technology on Mi flagship phone:

To recall, this UWB Technology has been out there since 2019. It comes with Apple iPhone 11 series and above. Apple now has a series of products that takes advantage of this technology. Apple AirTag is one of the popular products to use this technology. Samsung also have Samsung Galaxy SmartTag which also uses this UWB chip. This chip is useful in locating the products.

Samsung uses this chip to locate the product with the help of smartphone in a precise space. Now, Xiaomi is also planning to include this UWB chip in its upcoming Mi flagship phone. It seems like company is planning to bring smart tags which will work similar to what Apple AirTags and Samsung Galaxy SmartTags does. Being a Xiaomi product, these smart tags are likely to be highly affordable.

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