Galaxy S21 FE smartphone accidently listed on Samsung’s official website way before launch

Samsung accidently confirmed an upcoming Galaxy S21 FE smartphone on company’s Mexican website. Keep in mind, smartphone has not launch as of yet.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a popular smartphone that comes in different versions. Samsung has recently introduced a new version with Snapdragon processor and 5G network support. This is in addition to the existing versions with Snapdragon processor and 4G network support, and Exynos processor and 4G network support. Samsung is also planning to launch a successor to the Galaxy S20 FE, called the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone. This is a Fan Edition 5G phone that offers premium features at an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone spotted

However, Samsung accidentally leaked the Galaxy S21 FE on its Mexican website, before its official announcement. This revealed some details about the upcoming smartphone. Although, details are still scarce, but leaks suggest a powerful Snapdragon processor could power the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE smartphone. Camera specs and pricing remain under wraps, but the S21 FE is likely to inherit some features from its flagship siblings while offering a more attractive price tag.

  • Galaxy S21 FE on Mexican website

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a highly anticipated smartphone that will follow the Galaxy S20 FE. Samsung made a blunder on its Mexican website, where it briefly displayed the name of the Galaxy S21 FE. The website showed a link that said “Conoce más sobre Galaxy S21 FE”, which means “Learn more about the Galaxy S21 FE”.

The accidental website listing adds fuel to the fire, suggesting an imminent launch could be on the horizon. This confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S21 FE, even though Samsung has not officially announced it yet.

However, the website later corrected the mistake, but it was too late. The Galaxy S21 FE was already exposed to the public. This also suggests that Samsung is already preparing for the launch of Galaxy S21 FE in the near future. Before this incident, some images of the Galaxy S21 FE had also been leaked online, showing its design and features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone
Galaxy S21 Fan Edition smartphone leaked on Samsung’s Mexican Website

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE details leaked

The Galaxy S21 FE is the next Fan Edition smartphone from Samsung, following the Galaxy S20 FE. The Galaxy S21 FE will have a similar design to the Galaxy S21, which was launched recently.

  • Fan Edition smartphone design details leaked

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will sport a rectangular camera module on the back, just like the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 FE will also have a plastic unibody design, which is the same as the Galaxy S21. This plastic unibody design will help to reduce the cost of the smartphone, while still offering premium features.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Display

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will feature a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, which will have flat edges. The flat edges will make the smartphone easier to hold and use. The Galaxy S21 FE will be a budget-friendly alternative to the Galaxy S21, with some compromises in the specifications.

The Galaxy S21 FE will have a stunning display that will house a 32-MP front-facing camera. The camera will be placed in a small hole-punch cutout on the top of the screen. The display will offer a high-resolution and a smooth refresh rate.

  • Galaxy S21 FE with powerful battery

The Galaxy S21 FE will also have a powerful battery that will last for a long time. The battery capacity will be 4500mAh, which is enough for a full day of usage. This Galaxy S21 FE variant will have different processor options, depending on the region and the network. The South Korean tech giant has not confirmed which processor it will use for the Galaxy S21 FE.

  • Flagship Snapdragon processor on S21 FE

However, some rumors suggest that the Galaxy S21 FE will have a flagship grade Snapdragon processor, which are the latest and fastest processors from Qualcomm. These processors will also support 5G network, which will enable faster and more reliable internet connection.

On the other hand, some reports claim that the Galaxy S21 FE will have an Exynos 2100 processor, which is Samsung’s own processor. The Exynos 2100 processor is also a powerful and efficient processor, but it may not support 5G network in some regions.

  • Galaxy S21 FE Other Features

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition smartphone could feature 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. Reports suggests that there will be multiple variant. Furthermore, the upcoming Galaxy smartphone will have no option for external memory expansion.

In terms of battery capacity, the Galaxy smartphone could pack a 4500mAh battery with 25W wired and 15W wireless charging. Furthermore, this premium smartphone will also offer support for reverse wireless charging.

It could boot on Google Android 12 operating system with One UI 6.0 user interface. Regarding other features, IP68 dust and water resistance, fingerprint sensor, NFC, Samsung DeX will be the other premium features which are also available on the flagship grade Samsung Galaxy S21 Series.

With flagship Snapdragon Processor, the all new Galaxy S21 FE could give tough competition to other smartphones. These smartphone are other Snapdragon 870-base devices including OnePlus 9R, Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11X, iQOO 7. Also Read: Galaxy S21 FE images leaks, could launch soon

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