OnePlus 10 flagship phone could launch with OnePlus, Oppo unified OS in 2022

According to rumours, OnePlus and Oppo unified OS could debut with OnePlus 10 flagship smartphone in next year. Some of the existing models could also get the taste of new software.

Earlier this year, OnePlus and Oppo integration took place. With this integration, the rumours about the fusion or the unified OS started floating around the internet. Now a recent leak suggests that the new unified OS will be featuring on the OnePlus 2022 flagship device. In a recent briefing, the Chinese brand confirmed that its 2022 flagship phone will be dubbed as the OnePlus 10.

The flagship device OnePlus 10 will be the first smartphone from the company to launch with the new software. Also Read – OnePlus Unified OS to launch with OnePlus Pad tablet with Android 12L: Reports

OnePlus Oppo Unified OS: Coming Soon

In the briefing, the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau mentioned about the soon-to-come OS. He confirmed that the upcoming Operating system will be based on the Google’s upcoming Android 13 operating system. The latest software will not only run on the new OnePlus 10 flagship phone. But it will also support some of the existing devices.

Although, the executive did not specify the exact model names. But the rumours do suggest that the new unified OS will be made available for other devices. The list of device includes the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 8 series. Moreover, there is no details whether the new OnePlus Oppo Unfired OS will be available for the OnePlus Nord phones. Also Read – OnePlus 10 Pro specifications confirmed, price details tipped online; looks quite interesting

OnePlus 10 with OnePlus and Oppo unified OS

OnePlus cited that the “unified” operating system will be more or less similar to Oxygen OS completely. It will appear similar to Oxygen OS on the upcoming OnePlus 10 flagship phone. In the previous announcement, the company made it official about the merger with Oppo.

However, despite the integration both the Chinese brands will operate independently. But now, the new blogpost tells a different story. Also Read – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on upcoming OnePlus 11; confirms company

2022 flagship OnePlus 10 phone could launch wih new OnePlus Oppo Unified OS
2022 flagship OnePlus 10 phone could launch with new OnePlus Oppo Unified OS

After the official merger, the company adds that “After careful consideration, we have decided to integrate the Oxygen OS and Color OS teams to plan the future software experience together”. However, Pete Lau promised that the users will still get a clean and lightweight experience with the new OS on upcoming OnePlus 10. Also Read – OnePlus 9 series battery capacity details leaked

In the blogpost, Pete Lau mentioned that the unified operating system will carry forward the DNA of Oxygen OS. To recall, Oxygen OS is one of the most loved operating system by OnePlus community. He further adds, OnePlus has unique group of users.

Therefore, the company will be customizing the unified OS specifically to meet the needs of OnePlus users. This suggests that the upcoming OnePlus 10 device will definitely meet the needs of users. Keep in mind, the Oxygen OS and Color OS codebase fusion finished in the month of June this year.

New unified OnePlus Oppo OS on OnePlus 10

As mentioned above, OnePlus has already confirmed that the unified OS will be launching next year. It will be launching along with the upcoming OnePlus 10 flagship phone. The new unified OS will also land on some of the existing OnePlus devices. Also Read – Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 likely to launch in April: Reports

Although, OnePlus has not mentioned about the exact models that will be receiving the unified OS update. But some rumours suggest that the OnePlus 8 series and the OnePlus 9 flagships will be receiving the new software. Also Read – Motorola’s next mid-ranger, Moto G60 could feature 120Hz display, 108MP cameras and more

New OnePlus Oppo Unified OS 2.0: to launch next year with 2022 flagship OnePlus 10
New OnePlus Oppo Unified OS 2.0: to launch next year with 2022 flagship OnePlus 10

Alongside working on the new software platform, OnePlus is busy working on new hardware. In the forum post, Lau shared that the company would continue to offer other devices at multiple price points.

The Chinese brand will bring more affordable products at different price point. The OnePlus 10 phone will bring more premium and ultra-premium flagship features globally. Also Read – Latest budget smartphone Motorola Moto G20 launches with 90Hz display

No More OnePlus T-Series device this year

Additionally, the Chinese smartphone makers have announced that there will not be any T-Series flagship for the global markets. Moreover, the company believes that OnePlus 9 flagship series is powerful enough to “remain competitive throughout the year”.

However, the decision of not to bring the new T-series device this year could be possibly due to the global shortage of chipset. Also Read – Mi 11 Lite could launch in India soon, IMEI number spotted

To recall, OnePlus has a record of launching T-series mobile phone in the second half of the year. The T-Series device launches as an upgrade to the flagships. The launch of T-Series device started with the OnePlus 3T back in the year 2016.

Last year, OnePlus 8T series was tweaked. Here, the company decided not to bring the OnePlus 8T Pro. Also Read – OnePlus 9 series come with Color OS 11 officially, replaces Hydrogen OS in China

Oxygen OS and Color OS completed a codebase integration in June of this year. This is the start of working forward to create a unified operating system experience for users across OnePlus and Oppo.

The unified operating system experience will first launch on the 2022 flagship which is likely to be OnePlus 10. Later, the same OS will be further push across other devices globally under OnePlus brand. Also Read – Xiaomi 11T, 11T Pro, and Redmi 10 2022 launch in India soon

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