Realme MagDart Wireless Charging mobile phone to launch soon in India

Realme is already planning to launch a wireless MagDart Charging system for its upcoming new mobile phones in India.

Realme’s new wireless charging device, the MagDart wireless charger, was teased by the company a few days ago. Realme just dropped a sizzling teaser for their MagDart wireless charger. The Chinese brand shared the official renders and basic specifications of the MagDart wireless charger on its social media channel. The MagDart technology is a new feature that will be available on an upcoming Realme mobile in India.

However, Realme has not disclosed any information about the upcoming mobile phone that will support the MagDart wireless charger. The company has also not announced the launch date for the MagDart wireless charger and the upcoming mobile phone in India.

Realme MagDart Wireless Charging vs Apple MagSafe Wireless Charging

Realme’s MagDart wireless charging solution is a new feature that competes with Apple’s MagSafe System. The leaked render images show that the Realme MagDart wireless charger has a similar design to the Apple MagSafe wireless charger.

The Realme MagDart wireless charger uses magnets to attach to the upcoming mobile phone and charge it wirelessly. This feature can boost the wireless charging speed and efficiency. Realme has not released any smartphone that supports wireless charging yet.

However, reports suggest that India might be the first market to get a new Realme smartphone that can wirelessly charge itself. The new upcoming Realme mobile phone will be compatible with the MagDart wireless charging system.

Upcoming Realme mobile phone wireless charging
Realme MagDart Wireless Charging solution to launch on August 3

Benefits of MagDart wireless charging system

Some of the benefits of MagDart wireless charging system are:

  • It is the first magnetic wireless charging system for Android devices.
  • It offers faster wireless charging speeds than Apple’s MagSafe system, with up to 50W output.
  • It has an air-cooling system to reduce heat and protect the battery life.
  • It has a range of accessories that can snap on to the phone, such as a power bank, a wallet, a ring light, and more.
  • It can be useful when the phone’s USB port is damaged or exposed to water.
  • It can prevent malware attacks from unknown USB ports.

MagDart wireless charging system is a new feature that Realme is expected to launch soon, along with the upcoming Realme Flash phone, which will be the first device to support it. However, the launch date and the availability of the products are not confirmed yet.

Upcoming Realme mobile with MagDart teased

MagDart chargers, the new wireless charging devices from Realme, are likely to launch soon in the global markets. The MagDart chargers have a similar design to the Apple MagSafe chargers, but with some unique features from Realme. The smaller MagDart charger is slimmer than the MagSafe charger and offers 15W of fast wireless charging. The larger MagDart charger has a USB Type-C port and air vents and can deliver up to 65W of fast wireless charging. The MagDart chargers will be compatible with the upcoming Realme mobile phone that supports wireless charging.

Upcoming Realme mobile with wireless charging

The new upcoming Realme mobile phone that supports MagDart wireless charging solution could launch soon in India. However, the details about this new Realme smartphone are not known yet. Realme has also released two new mid-range smartphones in China, the Realme GT Master Edition and the Realme GT Master Explorer Edition. These are the latest Realme smartphones that offer premium features and design. Also Read: OnePlus 9 Pro features fast charging solution: Officials

Upcoming Realme mobile could support wireless charging
Upcoming Realme mobile could support wireless charging

In India, these upcoming Realme mobile phones are likely to launch soon. Some leaks suggests that Realme could also bring these models to India. These Realme upcoming phones can launch in India with some added features like the MagDart wireless charging support. However, this feature will move these devices into premium price segments. The main question that remains unanswered is that Which BBK sibling will bring the wireless charging system in India?

Other phones with wireless charging support:

Till now, the wireless charging is mainly restricted to the high-end mobile phones in India. The cheapest smartphone with wireless charging feature in India includes the Apple iPhone SE, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the Galaxy S20 FE 5G smartphone. According to rumours, Realme is also likely to launch the upcoming Realme GT flagship mobile phone in India soon. The Realme GT is based on the Realme X7 Max. To recall, Realme X7 Max launched in India earlier this year. The device comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC instead of Snapdragon SoC. The upcoming smartphone in India is likely to launch with Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 chipset.

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